Domestic abuse and its effects – what can I do differently?

Even though domestic abuse and the awareness of it is much more widely talked about, there is still very much a taboo around this subject. Although more initiatives are being targeted towards victims of domestic abuse, we are still a fair way off. Very often the surface isn’t even scratched. One area that should be […]

Work in a call centre? – are staff productive?

Any type of work where customer focus is speaking to people on the telephones to either resolve problems or issues, or to sell people stuff can be an extremely demanding position.   You are on the end of a phone, someone at the other end either may not want to be there or isn’t in […]

Holding onto something that is ruining your life?

  How does it feel to hang onto something thats severely impacting on your life in a number of ways? Do you actually need to hold onto it? How free would you feel if that rubbish wasn’t handing around in your life anymore? Is there a reason you’re still holding onto it? Is it due […]

Removing fear

We have all been completely shook by the atrocities of the terror attacks here in Manchester today. This is home for me. I have lived here a number of years after living in several places. I love this city. What has happened today has been horrific and senseless. Innocent people killed. Sadly this isn’t the […]

Confidence – how can I get more of it?

This is a common question I hear. I also often hear “I don’t have any confidence”. So many are very confident in the fact that they don’t have any confidence! The mere thought of not having any confidence is in itself an old habit or belief. Babies are not born with the immediate thought, ‘I […]

Is your teenager struggling and what are the costs to them and you?

Sadly, there are a number of reasons why our children are some of the most depressed. So much pressure is placed on our young people. These include areas such as exam stress, school performance, and the need to fit in. Bullying in our society is also sadly commonplace, happening on and off line. There are […]

How much is your anxiety and depression costing you?

Have you been suffering from deep routed anxiety or depression for too long? What cost does it have on various areas of your life? Is your work suffering as a result? Is it putting unnecessary pressure on your relationships? – Is it affecting those close to you such as your partner, family, friends or relatives? […]

Can EFT really help with pain?

I have been an EFT practitioner for a number of years now. I’m based in Manchester. I continue to be astounded and amazed by the results I see both with my private clients and those I work with in groups. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as tapping. It is an ancient Chinese […]

How can I benefit from attending a stress and resilience workshop?

Did you know that a happy and resilient workforce can directly impact on the following? Increased productivity and higher profits Less stress and fatigue Targets and deadlines met Reduction in staff absenteeism Improvement in staff morale and staff feeling valued. What does a stress and resilience workshop look like? During a workshop or seminar here […]