How to let go of stress

Did you know that over 70% of visits to your GP in this country is through stress related illness? The same statistics applies to hospital admissions. It is plan and clear, our health as a nation is suffering as a result of stress. Life is supposed to be getting easier. With all the easy access […]

I owe you my life!

“I owe you my life”! This is what a client told me this week. She further went on to say, you made such a huge difference and helped me so much in a matter of weeks that I cocktail of meds, Counselling and CBT couldn’t do in years. How amazing is that! This client came […]

My story, and how I turned my life around

I have recently reposted a video on social media which I recorded last year where I talk about surviving an abusive marriage and how one word completely changed the direction of my life. This was such a catalyst for me in what was a very difficult and challenging time of my life. But it allowed […]