Post Lockdown Anxiety

As a generation, we have never been so anxious. Anxiety manifests itself cognitively by a loss of concentration, behaviourally by the avoidance of certain situations (fear), and physiologically in disturbed sleep, rapid breathing and emotional agitation often leading to hypervigilance. Then along came COVID19 which impacted on increased levels of loneliness and isolation. This has […]

Physical signs of anxiety

When you are suffering with anxiety, you are in what’s call the ‘fight or flight’ response.   What does the science show us? Your body is preparing you for a ‘dangerous’ situation and and a part of the brain is triggered to prepare for this and your body reacts in several ways physically. This response […]

COVID anxiety signs

Mental health issues are very prevalent right now, more than ever for several reasons. Not only are we dealing with something that continues to create uncertainty, fear and worry, many have been affected both directly and indirectly. While some are coping well, experts warn our emotional resilience will continue to fray and decline as this […]

Six Top Stress Management Techniques

STRESS!!   It affects so many of us. Even though we now have many resources to lower stress, we are more impacted and affected than ever. Many years ago, our caveman ancestors were living in survival mode, they were in high stress response much of the time. Now, many years later, we are still living […]