The Physical Signs of Mental Health

When we struggle with our mental wellbeing, it can affect us in numerous ways. It can negatively impact our physiology and can cause a number of physical symptoms. Why is this the case? When we react to a situation either in the short term or over a period of time which causes stress or anxiety, […]

Mental Health Awareness and Why it’s Important

Although it’s important to raise awareness for mental health with awareness days and weeks, mental health should be talked about openly all of the time.  Even though this is happening more and more, there still remains a stigma.  However there shouldn’t be. Why shouldn’t it be okay to admit you are struggling with your mental […]

Mental Health and How to Ask For Help

We all have mental health like we have physical health. It can often be hard to ask for support or help. Mental health can still be seen as a taboo subject. Or its often seen as easier to solider on, much of the time we either don’t want to ‘burden’ or worry others. Or oftentimes […]