I Feel Happier Than I’ve Ever Felt – A Clients Journey

Get ready for a deep dive as I take you on an incredible journey. I’m excited to share this with you. The most inspiring piece of writing, from a wonderful client I worked with who was struggling with anxiety and confidence. Here is Ben’s story I’d been putting off asking for help and convincing myself […]

How to Eliminate Stress at Work

According to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there were 602,000 cases of work related stress depression or anxiety between 2018 and 2019, resulting in 12.8 million working days being lost. The added pressures of the pandemic and its consequences caused these numbers to soar. In 2019/20 work-related stress, anxiety or depression […]

Workplace Stress and What Managers Can do to Help

Stress massively takes its toll in a multitude of areas in our lives. In the UK alone, 70% of visits to GP’s is for stress related illness. Work related stress is a huge contributory factor and many workers feel so overwhelmed or stressed out in their work, it negatively impacts on poor sleep, ill health, […]