How to go from £1 Million p/m turnover to £4.9 Million 💰

Here is some very special work I want to share with you today. To inspire YOU to make change. Want to know a critical key factor for making such change for you and your business? Invest in your own mindset and wellbeing 🧠 This is EXACTLY what one of my clients has done I’ve been […]

Break Free and Achieve Your Potential: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

People often wonder what I do, and how I do it 🤔 So TODAY I wanted to share! I specialise in helping you get un-stuck. ​ Shedding old beliefs, rewiring outdated programs, and releasing habits that no longer serve you. ​ We all carry stories that hold us back—stories that we’ve subconsciously repeated until they […]

“Anxiety isn’t even a thing anymore” Emily’s story

Emily came to see me having suffered with years of severe anxiety. Things had got that bad, she could barely leave the house, and was having multiple panic attacks a day.  We worked together for three months. A year later, leading her dream life, she updates me how things are going. Read in Emily’s words, […]

Easy Practical Strategies to Manage Stressful Thoughts

Stressful thoughts! How does stress affect you? Would you like to learn some easy, practical strategies to reduce stress? We all have them. Imagine if you could do something to reduce that stress thought pattern and take charge instead? Well here’s how! First of all, where does stress come from and how does it affect […]

I Feel Happier Than I’ve Ever Felt – A Clients Journey

Get ready for a deep dive as I take you on an incredible journey. I’m excited to share this with you. The most inspiring piece of writing, from a wonderful client I worked with who was struggling with anxiety and confidence. Here is Ben’s story I’d been putting off asking for help and convincing myself […]

How to Eliminate Stress at Work

According to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there were 602,000 cases of work related stress depression or anxiety between 2018 and 2019, resulting in 12.8 million working days being lost. The added pressures of the pandemic and its consequences caused these numbers to soar. In 2019/20 work-related stress, anxiety or depression […]

Workplace Stress and What Managers Can do to Help

Stress massively takes its toll in a multitude of areas in our lives. In the UK alone, 70% of visits to GP’s is for stress related illness. Work related stress is a huge contributory factor and many workers feel so overwhelmed or stressed out in their work, it negatively impacts on poor sleep, ill health, […]

The Physical Signs of Mental Health

When we struggle with our mental wellbeing, it can affect us in numerous ways. It can negatively impact our physiology and can cause a number of physical symptoms. Why is this the case? When we react to a situation either in the short term or over a period of time which causes stress or anxiety, […]

Mental Health Awareness and Why it’s Important

Although it’s important to raise awareness for mental health with awareness days and weeks, mental health should be talked about openly all of the time.  Even though this is happening more and more, there still remains a stigma.  However there shouldn’t be. Why shouldn’t it be okay to admit you are struggling with your mental […]

Mental Health and How to Ask For Help

We all have mental health like we have physical health. It can often be hard to ask for support or help. Mental health can still be seen as a taboo subject. Or its often seen as easier to solider on, much of the time we either don’t want to ‘burden’ or worry others. Or oftentimes […]

Why I fell in love with tapping

A few years ago I was unrecognisable. I was in a completely different place to where I am now. I was in a very stressful job, managing large volumes of high risk offenders. There was no wellbeing support, my mental health was suffering, badly.

Basics of tapping

What is tapping and how does it work? Tapping is best likened to acupuncture without the needles. It is an ancient Chinese acupressure therapy, combined with a modern talking psychology. Tapping, otherwise know as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) involves gently tapping on certain meridian points, known as acupressure around the face and upper body, while […]

The importance of looking after the wellbeing of your workforce

Your amazing workforce are your biggest asset. They are the core of your business success. Look after your staff and your business thrives. Do you look after staff like you look after your customers? It’s no coincidence organisations that look after their staff are the ones that are smashing it

Corporate wellness: Meet Sammy Rubin CEO of YuLife

Sammy Rubin is the co-founder of the life insurance company yulife, a start-up that strives to offer effective life cover and improve the health and overall wellbeing of its users.   Wellbeing strategy is at the heart of the ethos and culture of yulife. Sammy started his own journey after experiencing challenges with his own […]

The importance of good SLEEP!

Sleep is SO underrated. The research shows us, if we don’t get enough sleep, it can have a numerous negative consequences. It also has a huge impact on our quality of life  What 20 years of research shows us that the recommended it 7-9 hours. Anything consistently 6 hours or below significantly increases risk of […]

Prince Harry reveals he has been using tapping

Prince Harry has been talking about his use of tapping during a recent interview as he discusses using techniques to relieve emotional anxieties in relation to his mental health. It is reported he has been using this along with EMDR. His wife Megan is also believed to be a big advocate. She began tapping regularly […]