06 Jun 2016

BY: Janine Mitchell

Change consultant / Expand the mind

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You achieve whatever you want, its your life, live it!

I’m super honoured to report that I’ve recently been asked to write a travel blog. I’ve been fortunate to travel to lots of places in my previous job back in the day when I was cabin crew. I thought the ‘travel bug’ would be sorted back then, but it never leaves you and I’ve done much travelling since. I’ve also recently started writing a regular blog, so I thought this would fit in nicely. The point I want to make is this. For a number of years I was in a stressful job that took a great deal of emotional energy on a number of levels. Sadly, there was never any real support and I regularly saw colleagues off with stress, often related to the job. I had done the job for a number of years and could have stuck with it, lived a career of quiet desperation or perhaps took some chances and consider doing something I love and that I am passionate about. I decided to take a couple of leaps of faith and hand my notice in. This was prior to me setting up my own business. In the meantime i took just under three months off, took the plunge and traveled to Malaysia, Australia and South America. I travelled independently and had the most amazing time. I will share with you here some of my journey. It was an experience I will never forget.

I have travelled to a number of places but South America had always been on my bucket list. I was unsure what to expect but had heard so many amazing reports about what a wonderful place it is. So, in 2013 I quit my job that I no longer enjoyed to start a new career and took some time out. This was my time to travel around South America. My itinerary involved me flying into Santiago, Chile. I then crossed the border by bus winding in and out of the Andes into Argentina, where I spent most of my time. I spent many hours travelling around this wonderful country before heading to Uruguay and finally Brazil.

This unfamiliar territory was soon to become a place of wonder and enlightenment. A place I would meet endless friendly people, a place where I would see many a sight and create many an experience that would be etched on my memory forever.

If you enjoy wine, Mendoza is somewhere that cannot be missed. The town itself is lined with pavement cafes and has a relaxed feel about it. Within that area, wine tours can be arranged. Or do something different and experience it for yourself like I did at a minuscule price by taking local public transport, a short bus ride away and hiring bikes to discover this wonderful part of Argentina. Just outside of the town you can hire bikes for a very cheap rate. There they will provide a map and show you the areas where you can visit the vineyards. There are also organised tours which take you direct to the vineyards and can be arranged at an inexpensive price.

So myself and a lovely German girl I had met travelling took our bikes and off we went, map in hand. It was an absolute scorcher of a day. We rode down tree lined roads where we found our first vineyard and then two further on. The various vineyards we visited were stunning. Large beautiful ornate terraces set aloft from gorgeous vineyards laid out as far as the eye could see, nestling in front of the Andes in the background.

While we were there we sampled some wines that were out of this world including Malbec, Syrah and various other wonderful wines that can only be described as a taste sensation. A number of large glasses were placed in front of us for us to taste. Sumptuous and divine red wine that you would expect to pay upward of £50 a bottle we were drinking for less than £5 for the whole taster session. By the end of the bike tour, with the taste of the wine combined with the heat of the sun, we were ready to call it a day and head back to Mendoza for a relax over a summers barbecue that was planned. That was certainly a day I will never forget.

From Mendoza I headed to a town in Southern Argentina called Bariloche on an 18 hour overnight coach journey. This is aptly named the ‘Argentinian lakes’. A beautiful town nestled in a natural park town situated at the foot of the Andes surrounded by lakes and mountains. It is a popular ski resort in the winter, and a place for mountain trekkers in the summer. Here I was able to hike up hills where at the top I was treated to magical, postcard views. This is also an ideal place for mountain biking so one day I hired a bike and took in a large proportion of the area, biking up and down hills and resting by lakes. A wonderful way to take in the scenery of such a dramatic landscape of natural beauty. In the main town itself, you will be surprised by the way you feel you could be in Switzerland. All the buildings are of alpine style architecture. I regard myself as a chocoholic. Here I tasted chocolate from array of chocolate shops, a taste sensation to match no other.

Next I was to take an 18 hour drive with some local people I had met up to Buenos Aires. If you enjoy steak, this is a place where it is a must that the sumptuous mouth watering steaks should to be sampled as a necessity, washed down with a bottle of world class Malbec. This is also a place for outstanding architecture and various areas where the new meets the old. The nightlife also has to be sampled her. Swanky downtown areas like Palmero can’t be missed. Lined with trendy bars, boutique shops and an array of fine dining restaurants to chose from. You will notice here the locals don’t go out to dine in the maze of wonderful restaurants till around 1am in the morning onwards, when the place is buzzing with a atmosphere and is a hive of activity. Tango lessons for all levels of abilities are available to sample here, something that should not be missed and is the beating heart of this city.

A place I cannot fail to mention in South America is Iguazu falls. A natural area of beauty that rests on the border between Argentina and Brazil. In my own naivety, I arrived there thinking I would see a waterfall and then leave again. How wrong I was. This is one of the most incredible sights I have witnessed, known to be one of the seven wonders of the world with reason. The walking tours take anything up to seven hours, meandering though a varied selection of boardwalks. As I followed the route along with others, the view I was to behold when I arrived at the first waterfall viewing area was spectacular. Massive water falls like I had never seen before, Niagra has nothing on this place!

Though each turn and corner as I walked through the stunning national park, I was graced with sensational view after view, each one being so different to the last. This is a place I would recommended any an eager traveller to visit. The beauty of this magical place is it can be seen from both Argentina and also Brazil. I had arranged to stay the night on the Argentinian side before travelling to Brazil the following day to see the falls from there. When I arrived, I was greeted to a view that was completely different and stunning in its own way. Once again my breath was taken away. I had to pinch myself on several occasions. Wow, what a place.

One of the final places I visited in Brazil was Florianopolis before heading onto the bustling Sao Paulo. I was mistaken for thinking this coastal resort was a place with a beach to visit and relax. How wrong was I! I asked the taxi driver as we drove from the bus station to take me to the place I had booked near the beach. He reliably informed me there was no less than 42 beaches in the locality! This beautiful area is composed of one main island, surrounded my a number of smaller islands. I spent much of my time around the Praia Mole area, a popular beach destination set amidst striking clear light blue lagoons. This is a real party place and it filled with a collection of holiday makers, backpackers and those more local coming for weekend getaways or longer breaks. This dynamic place is a water sports paradise. There is an array of areas to chose from to suit anyone looking to sample some of Brazils spectacular natural beauty.

I would highly recommend visiting South America to anyone. There are so many delights to be sampled. From the culture, the extremely warm welcome from the wonderful people, to the fine dining and of course the delights of the first class wines. South America can be experienced on any budget. I would suggest see as much as you can but its one big place! If you only see what you need to on this visit, you can save some of the delights for your the next time. I will be going back for sure!

Remember, the world is there to be seen, and we only get one chance at life. Whatever you ambition is, whatever your dream, whether it be travelling or something else closer to home, you can do whatever you put your mind to!

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24 May 2016

BY: Janine Mitchell

Change consultant / Changing mindset

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How one word completely changed the direction of my life and how it can for you too!

I want to share with you how important it is what we say to ourselves. This can relate to two things. a) How we are potentially sabotaging ourselves b) What the underlying subconscious programmes are that we learnt a long time ago that are running the show.

A few years back I was in a completely different place to where I am now. I was in an abusive marriage and I was also stressed to the hilt in a job I didn’t enjoy. So I went to see a therapist. I was looking for direction and didn’t know which way to turn. At these times we can look everywhere outside of ourselves and I was hoping to get the answers elsewhere.

I had a big decision to make in terms of which way my life was going. I needed to take that first big leap into making changes. In the first session, I must have sat there for around two hours. I was in complete emotional turmoil. I felt as if I was at an all time low.

Towards the end of the session I was beginning to feel brighter and could see some potential light at the end of the what appeared to be long and dark tunnel.

I had however just walked out of a job I couldn’t handle any more due to the stresses and demands in addition to an awful marriage. It was 6pm on a Friday night and I had a decision to make. A big one that was to change the direction of my life forever.

As I was about to leave the session the therapist turned and said to me “There is one word you’ve said today about 20 times today Janine”. I couldn’t think for the life of my what it was, an unsavoury word to describe my husband perhaps?? I was racking my brains. He then continued “you keep saying the word ‘try’.” I couldn’t understand what he was getting at. He elaborated further.

He said, “if you keep saying the word try to yourself what does it mean?”. I stared at him blankly, still puzzled. He went on to explain. “If we decided to meet for a coffee tomorrow night at 6pm, something which you were keen to arrange…then if I said to you, oh i will try and get there if I can, then what does that say to you? …as opposed to, I will be there for 6pm tomorrow night, I’ll look forward to seeing you then”

It began to resonant with me what point this wonderful man was attempted to explain. “If we say we are going to try and do something, what does it really mean? It really means we are going to be late at best, or something else more important might come up. Whereas if we say we are going to do something, without the word ‘try’ in there, it is most likely we will follow through with this decision”.

It was as if a lightbulb had gone off in my head.

The point the therapist was making was that this is two fold. If we are telling ourselves something such as I will ‘try’, then this potentially gives ourselves an excuse to get out of whatever we need to (essentially to keep ourselves safe and to not push us out of our comfort zones). What it also does is allows us to recognise what underlying subconscious patterns are running below the surface that perhaps aren’t serving us any more.

So the session was drawing to a close and I was about to leave. “So what are your plans now?” the therapist enquired. At this point it was 6pm on a Friday night. I had just walked out of a stressful job I no longer wanted to be in, and I had big decisions to make about this awful marriage I was still stuck in. On the Monday morning I could do what was required of me in order to put in motion what I needed to. So I replied “well I’m going to relax over the weekend and not do too much (I was physically, psychologically and emotionally exhausted) and then on Monday i’m going to tr……” as the word try automatically nearly fell out of my mouth! The therapist looked at me with an almighty, knowing and friendly stare. As he did I quickly corrected myself. I then said “On Monday I’m going to….” And that was it there and then. I had agreed to make this decision both to myself and what I felt was with my therapists approval.

I firmly believe if I had not been pulled up on that word that day, if I had not had this awareness raised on what I was constantly telling myself, I wouldn’t have carried through with the life changing decision I would have made on the Monday morning. Instead, it would have been highly likely that I would have returned back to my old life and old ways. One which wasn’t getting me anywhere. It also made me realise what I had been telling myself for many years, I will try and do this and try and do that, thus giving myself a cop out or an excuse to not do something.

So notice what you say to yourself. Are there words you use that allow you to get out of making decisions? Are there words or language you will use that relates to underlying subconscious patterns or beliefs that keep you stuck or that sabotage you in some way? Can this potentially stop you from allowing you to achieve the full success and potential you deserve?

Just spend some time noticing what you say to yourself, and bring this up to conscious awareness. If you are hiding behind certain words, then do something today to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’d be surprised how easy it actually is to achieve once you’ve faced what you need to, done it and felt amazing as a result!

I will go more into my life changing decisions in another blog. But I will say this, back then I ended up creating the opportunity for myself whereby I travelled around Vietnam for 3 weeks as a solo traveller. This was the very following week. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I walked back into my life and didn’t look back from then onwards. I continued to see my therapist and began to learn some life changing tools. Tools and techniques that would shape and change my life in amazing ways. More to follow in future blogs!

Until then, see you next time.

Janine Mitchell is the founder of Change for Success. Please contact her for below for any further details about how you can work with her either as a private client or at a corporate event.

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10 May 2016

BY: Janine Mitchell

Change consultant / Expand the mind

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Travel and how it can shape you as a person

I have been fortunate enough to travel to various places around the world over the years. I used to be cabin crew a few years back, so this allowed me to travel as part of my job. Prior to this it had always been my dream to travel as far as I could. To get paid to travel the world, and with an amazing bunch of people was a dream come true. As part of my job I visited several places. Long haul destinations often for a week at a time. I was lucky enough to visit places like Australia, the Caribbean, the USA and Canada, South east Asia and Mexico to name but a few. I have also traveled independently around South America, South East Asia and Australia.

My moto has always been the world is there to be seen. I feel thankful I’ve fulfilled this to date. There are still various places I want to see – the travel bug never leaves you. Travel has taught me many things. It has taught me to get out of your comfort zone. Go and travel somewhere you have never been, do something different. Even if it is somewhere beautiful in this country, or somewhere in Europe. You can hop on a plane these days to some amazing and unusual places, at an inexpensive cost. What travel has also taught me, is that everything always works out in the end. I have been in a number of situations whereby I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next or where I was going to stay, or even where my next bed would be for the night! But everything has a tendency to work out in the end. Focus on the positive, relax into the situation and get rid of some old worries or anxieties that are hanging around that aren’t serving you, and are definitely not achieving anything!

I would also say get off the beaten track. Immerse yourself in the country and culture of somewhere new. Speak to new people and spend time with them. Learning so much about different cultures and how others live is a big part gaining knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It certainly taught me many things. Take what you can from other cultures and see how the differences could be used to positive effect in your own life.

You may be thinking, how can I take time off to travel? I’m far too busy, I’ve got too much work to do, I haven’t got enough money. Trust me, there are ways and means around this stuff. These are often just excuses we give ourselves. Travelling to new destinations doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Do your research and there can be some bargains to be had. When I decided to take myself off around Malaysia, Australia and all over South America in 2013 for nearly 3 months, I had two mortgages to pay. I was determined and still managed to find a way to go. It was one of the most amazing experiences, with lots of life long memories I will never forget.

A big part of travel for me is that I have met so many amazing people while reaching new destinations far and wide. This is a part of the fun. Before this last trip I wrote a list of the things I wanted to achieve. This included to try something new every day and to talk to/ meet someone new every day. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I achieved this and it became natural in the end, part of the whole experience.

So, try some things to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether its to travel somewhere new, meet new people or do something new that you might have been thinking about for a while. Whats the worse that can happen? Everything will work out in the end. Better to have lived a life full of chances, throwing some risks in there, then to live a life full of regrets.

Until next time, stay amazing and let me know how you get on!

Janine can be contacted below.

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BY: Janine Mitchell

Change consultant

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Wonderfully happy client!

Hi! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. I firstly wanted to say a big thank you to those who took the time to send me fabulous messages and great comments and feedback regarding the start of my BLOG!

Lots more to follow. But today, a wonderful testimonial from a lovely client I recently worked with, where the words talk for themselves and explain in detail the effects and wonders of both EFT and hypnotherapy.

Enjoy, Janine x

I was terrified at the thought of public speaking. Now I can’t wait for my next speaking gig

I’d enthusiastically agreed to speak at a local conference with 4 others. Then doubt crept in.

What if nerves overcame me? What if I forgot what I was going to say? What if my words didn’t come out as I intended?

I really wanted to give a good presentation, to help people by giving them valuable advice. After all, they were giving up precious time to listen to me and I wanted to make sure they felt it was worthwhile. And, I wanted to enjoy it.

As owner of my copywriting business, Tresil Ltd, public speaking was on my list of essential skills to revise, practice and improve. But I faced the prospect with dread.

And while I was in no doubt it was the right thing to do, I was nonetheless terrified.

When Janine told me that 75% of the population fear public speaking I was determined not to be one of them.

Janine Mitchell of Change for Success

I met Janine Mitchell at 4Networking and instantly warmed to her.

She gave an insightful presentation about EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique – a fascinating subject I had yet to discover.

EFT is a healing process following the Chinese meridian system which focuses on emotional issues.

Janine demonstrated the process at another 4N meeting. After just 5 minutes of EFT tapping, her volunteer said the pain in his shoulder had reduced by as much as 80%. I was wowed.

People wanted to know what else Janine cures. Addictions, phobias, fears. They all exist because of a belief our subconscious mind won’t let go. Once the mind is programmed to release it, we’re free.

And that’s what happened after my EFT session with Janine.

How one EFT and hypnotherapy session with Janine cured my fear of public speaking

I decided EFT was just what I needed. I booked a consultation with Janine 2 weeks before the conference.

Janine started by explaining how the subconscious mind works.

An event that happened before the age of 7 had laid a path to the belief I held today.

And it turned out to be true.

Not long into the tapping, I suddenly remembered being at primary school.

There was a play and I was given the part. The part of a boy and it was one I did not want to play. Why pick me?

I went through with it feeling totally humiliated, all eyes on me and couldn’t wait to get home to the comfort of my mum.

What surprised me was that this event had until then been forgotten. I was unaware of the memory.

Janine expertly took me through the EFT tapping process. I relaxed into it and felt completely at ease.

She finished with a short hypnotherapy session and gave me the recording to play during the next 2 weeks, to help relaxation.

When I stood up I actually felt physically lighter.

It’s a perpetual process. My mind continued to clear other limiting beliefs as the weeks passed.

Listening to the recording was the last thing I did on the night before the conference. When I woke up I was rested and confident. Today was going to be good.

Janine came to the conference and saw for herself the evidence of her healing.

I know she has healed other people.

Thanks to Janine her clients have quit smoking, overcome their fear of flying and stopped being afraid of dogs (to name a few examples).

I cannot thank Janine enough: “I could not have achieved this without your expertise and caring nature.”

Janine has made a positive difference to my life. To anyone considering how to free their minds of whatever is limiting their progress I would say: “Call Janine. Book a session with her today.”

What is there to lose?

If you want to ask me more about my experience I’m happy to chat, please phone on 07711 361532.

Sue Lister

Tresil Ltd

BY: Janine Mitchell

Change consultant

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Welcome to my Blog!!


I am very excited to welcome you to my Blog here at Change for Success!

I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to check out my Website and take a look at my blog!

So, what is it I do? My philosophy at Change for Success, is to help YOU to achieve your optimum potential. Whether that is in your personal life or work life. Both are very much linked, so often this stuff overlaps!

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I am so passionate about helping others make fast and permanent changes in their lives. The techniques I use with clients are effective and safe, and I see change occur often within such a quick time frame. This leaves my clients feeling happy and empowered! Sometimes it can just be about me helping to point someone in the right direction. Often clients will have many a ‘light bulb’ moment. This is fabulous to witness and I have been there myself in the past!

I love recounting those times I had those ‘a-ha!’ moments, and then, right there and then, I was able to walk back into my life! (on more than one occasion I am sure!) And this is what I see with my clients time and time again. Whether it will be one of the following. A phobia that has been stopping them from doing something or going somewhere they love. Someone who has smoked for years knowing it is bad for them and stopped just in a couple of easy sessions. A client who has suffered with anxiety or depression for a number of years and this has been holding them back from achieving happiness and success that they truly deserve. Change can often happen much quicker than we might think. Once a client has learnt some simple strategies and has an understanding of where this stuff might have come from, or why it might not necessarily want to remove itself without the help of a professional, this is often where great life changing shifts can be made!

This is where I can help! I intend to blog on a regular basis, usually weekly. My blogs will cover a number of topic areas. This will include the following –

* Developing an understanding and awareness into the subconscious mind.
* Providing some basic, simple and effective tools that can be employed for you to use in your daily lives.
* General discussion and understanding of areas that may affect our lives and how they do so. Areas would include – stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, unhealthy relationships, anxiety.
* An overall insight into some of the work with my clients including results achieved in informing a solution focussed approach.
* Insight into my background and the struggles and challenges I have faced into getting where I have got to today.
* Discussion in relation to running a business including some challenges faced but also the countless rewards I achieve in this role.
* Advise and guidance to you if you may be in a situation where you see yourself struggling and think there may be no way out. This may include challenging relationships, lack of job satisfaction, unhappy in life and wish to move forward.
* Some topic areas of my book that I am currently writing which may include overcoming abuse, empowering survivors and guidance to move forward.

These are just some of the topic areas that will be covered in my regular blogs. If there is anything else you would like me to discuss, or any other topic areas you feel would be beneficial, then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email – [email protected] I am also happy to chat on the telephone for a free and confidential chat on – 07854273916. If you would like to know any more about my sessions or the work that I do, please feel free to take a look around my Website. I offer sessions on a private one-one basis either in my consulting rooms or via Skype. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Until then, be well and have a fantastic bank holiday weekend. Janine Helping you to achieve your optimum success. Founder of Change for Success.

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