Can anxiety cause you to feel depressed?

How do you feel when you get anxious? Do you feel anxiety somewhere in your body? Do you experience similar thoughts and feelings? Is it a familiar pattern? Would you like to get off this cycle and instead feel calm relaxed and in control? If you resonate with any of this and you are reading this article because you suffer with anxiety or any of the related feelings, then read on.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the fear or apprehension of a real or perceived threat. It is a state of worry or panic. Physiological and physical symptoms are experienced. Anxiety is completely normal and is commonplace in a number of situations, for example an exam, a driving test or a job interview. However, too much anxiety can cause distress and can be highly debilitating.

Some people may have an identifiable cause for anxiety for example the loss of a loved one, a traumatic incident, or a significant life event such as moving house or getting divorced. Others don’t have an identifiable cause and it can be caused by a number of issues including post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, or social phobias. The symptoms will most likely be very similar. The physiological feelings that can be experienced include increased heart rate, dizziness, feeling sick, difficulty breathing.

Prolonged periods of anxiety can be debilitating. When it interferes with daily life it can impact in a number of ways. Common forms of anxiety come in the form of anxiety disorders or panic attacks. They can come on and be triggered out of nowhere. Leaving you feeling out of control, worried, upset, low or disorientated.

It can also cause feelings of constant worry and apprehension. This can then become cyclical in nature, leading to further feelings of frustration and helplessness.

How does anxiety manifest?

When we are in a constant state of stress whereby we are triggering the fight or flight response, this is when anxiety can occur. Or should I say signs and symptoms of anxiety. Our bodies can deal with a certain amount of stress and of course some stress is good for us. However if we are on constant stress alert, the body is flooded with stress hormones, that will then put us into a state of distress. The body literally cannot cope, so we then form feelings of anxiety which then lead to the physiological symptoms I referred to earlier.

So does anxiety cause you to feel depressed?

Anxiety and depression can often go hand in hand. However the two are not the same, as they are two different disorders. One can often lead to feelings of the other and visa versa. Often feelings of anxiety can lead to feeling low, helpless or upset. So, anxiety can lead to the development of depression and related symptoms.

Don’t continue to suffer

What I would say, is look to seek support or help now. There are many different types of support packages out there to help. You don’t need to suffer alone. There are ways you can completely eradicate the symptoms of anxiety for good.

I have been helping suffers of anxiety for a number of years. This is an area I specialise in. I help you to remove anxiety quickly and simply from your life, for good. I also teach a simple self help tool that allows you to instantly get off the hormones of stress, by immediately calming down the stress response, or the fight or flight. This also removes all those old anxiety behaviours. This is something that you can use in any situation, to enable you to immediately feel calm, secure an in control.

Imagine a life where you no longer suffered with any feelings of anxiety? How free you would feel as a result and how different your life would be!

On the other hand, imagine what the costs would be if you continue to live a life that is ruled by anxiety and you’re feeling totally out of control as a result? How would this debilitate you even further, and what would the costs be to you and others?
I can help. I can talk through some simple strategies that you can use to enable you to move forward. You don’t need to suffer alone for a moment longer.
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