Can EFT, otherwise known as ‘Tapping’ remove physical pain?

I have been a certified EFT practitioner for a number of years. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. This therapy is like acupuncture without the needles.

It is an ancient Chinese acupressure therapy combined with a modern talking psychology. There are certain meridian points around the face and upper body which you literally tap on while talking through whatever the issue is.

So how can something so simple be used for working with deep routed pain issues, that have usually been around for a long time?

We are all made up of energy, and if any pain is persisting, it is doing so due to some trauma or disturbance within the body, which disrupts the energy system.

I could go into the whys and hows, but that would lead to a very long article. What I know is, that it works and effectively well. I will provide some examples of recent work that I have done. Before I do, if you wish to look into more detail about the science behind EFT (there is a huge body of research which has been conducted in a number of peer related journals) then there is much more information via this link,

I have worked with numerous clients with pain and have used EFT, having dramatically reduced or completely removed all the symptoms.

Whenever I work with anyone with any pain, to check in and measure the level of pain intensity, I will ask the client to provide me a level of pain intensity from 0-10. Zero being no pain and ten being maximum pain.

Following are some examples.

One client had a pain in her ear and was causing a level of deafness. The symptoms subsided and the following day she contacted me to tell me all the deafness had completely gone. Another client I worked with had an extremely sore foot, which had been persisting for some time and she was having regular visits to the chiropodist. It was that sore, she could not touch it. She had to cancel a recent appointment to the chiropodist it was that painful. Within a very short time after some tapping together, she was able to touch it again. She rebooked in with the chiropodist the following day and has since told me she has never had a problem with it since.

I often give talks about EFT. Whenever I do, I will provide a demonstration, so those watching can see what EFT looks like and witness some of the effects. I worked with one man who had a pain in his shoulder which started at a 7, we had it down to a 2 within 10 minutes. I worked with another lady who was suffering with a sore wrist. It was at a pain threshold of a 6. She said it had always hurt since she broke it 15 years earlier and it would often be made worse by cold weather. within 10 minutes I had completely removed the pain, it had gone right down to a zero and she did not experience any more pain in her wrist. This was around a year ago. I saw her again last week. She was excited to tell me she has never experienced any pain since.

I attended an event last weekend, as part of the event, I advised many there about the benefits of EFT. I also provided short taster sessions. While working on physical pain issues, I had a number of people who came to me with various types of pains ranging anywhere from an intensity of 5-8. Each and every person I worked on, the pain intensity reduced dramatically. One lady reported sciatica which was at a 7 when we started. Within ten minutes I reduced this to a 2, then down to a 0. Another lovely lady I worked with had been suffering with a whiplash injury in her shoulder. She felt physically lighter within minutes. She was astounded by the shifts. It turns out she was a local artist and the following day she returned with a beautiful painting, it was amazing, I was extremely touched.

So here I have provided just some examples of the work that I have done with pain issues. One thing I know is this, it works. I myself am often astounded by the results, truly mind blowing.

I use EFT with my private clients on a daily basis. It often overtakes any other techniques I use, due to the miraculous shifts I see again and again. I also use this EFT for various other areas such as stress, anxiety, OCD, fears, eating disorders and depression to name but a few.

These are all real live case examples. If you would like me to connect you with any of these clients within this article, I am happy to do so. These clients would be happy to verify any of their pain removal and talk through anything with you.

If you would like to know any more about how EFT could help you or someone you know, I would be very welcome for you to get in contact. It has changed my life and it has changed the lives of many others I have worked with.

Janine x