Can EFT really help with pain?

I have been an EFT practitioner for a number of years now. I’m based in Manchester. I continue to be astounded and amazed by the results I see both with my private clients and those I work with in groups.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as tapping. It is an ancient Chinese acupressure therapy combined with a modern talking psychology. While physically tapping on meridian points, we can directly work on the issue at hand, and effectively remove the symptoms.

EFT not only works on emotional issues, or unresolved trauma from the past, it also works on physical symptoms. And surprisingly well too.

I advise clients that the mind and body are completely linked. The mind is where are thoughts are located. Feelings are attached to areas of the body. Whenever we have a thought, this will produce a feeling and so on. So when we feel something, somewhere in the body, the two process naturally. If, for example you had an accident, and had an injured a part of your body. At that moment, the body has experienced shock. This will be internalised somewhere. And we often tend to hold onto it by way of focussing on it, and the pattern becomes circular. But once we take our mind off it, and use techniques to reduce or completely eradicate the pain, the body’s healing process can work much quicker than you might think.

During one of my EFT groups yesterday, we focused on removing ongoing pains. I used a certain technique called ‘chase the pain’. Pain will often move around, and changing sensations will also often be experienced. I worked directly with three participants in the group. They all experienced extremely notable and profound changes.

I have since had feedback, confirming amazing results in an extremely short space of time. One lady had been suffering with regular ear infections for over 20 years. This was something that was ongoing at the time. We worked using specific techniques and the pain and symptoms dramatically subsided. I had this message from her today “I arrived completely deaf in my left ear as a result of infection and left with almost normal hearing. Thanks to Janine and the group for helping me to tap away my deafness”.

Another lady had been suffering with a sore foot for eight years. The pain was extremely intense whereby she could not even consider touching the area of her foot that day. Once we completed several rounds of tapping, the pain completely diminished and she was able to touch her foot with ease. Another participant reported profound shifts in relation to emotional issues linked to a previous back pain that disappeared during our group session.

I have all walks of life at my groups. A regular attendee is a dentist. It is so wonderful this amazing technique is being recognised by medical professionals. I am aware of more and more utilising EFT, including a doctor who thoroughly promotes and uses it in practice within a pain management clinic in a hospital.

** Blog update **
I would like to report since I wrote this blog yesterday, the lady who’s pain diminished in her ear has contacted me to say it has now totally gone! And the other client with the sore foot, could not even touch the affected area due to the level of pain experienced. She contacted me today to say she felt no pain at all when she returned to the chiropodist and she was even able to massage it, something she has not been able to do for years!

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