Failure after only one attempt?

So have you ever thought about achieving something? Whether it’s big dream, a project or something smaller? Have you ever thought the following? – Oh no this is too big? There is no way I can achieve this? Things seem to come so easy for other people? Some people seem to have all the luck and achieve what they can with ease. I have failed in the past so I will fail again. Its just easier to stay where I am therefore I don’t need to face the big scary thing. I’ll just stick with mediocrity as it keeps me safe.

Any of these resonate with you?

I advise my clients that change is sometimes difficult. It doesn’t mean that this isn’t possible and change can happen much quicker than we might think. In fact it can be much easier than you initially might have thought, especially with the right resources at hand. These can also be learnt and developed much quicker than you might think too.

So if we are worried about failure or not achieving something consider the following. If a baby tried to take his first step and then fell down and thought, oh no this is too hard I’m not trying again. Would we all still be crawling round on floors? Of course not. Baby’s continue to make mistake after mistake until they finally crack that thing we all know and love and do for granted – walking. Could we apply the same scenario to talking and other learnt behaviours we take for granted? Or maybe persistence determination and strength are all key attributes to achieving success?

Have a think about some people who have achieved great things for a moment. At the age of 32 Simon Cowell had £5.27 to his name. Look at his success and confidence now. JK Rowling wrote her first novel when she was living in council accommodation and on benefits after not long coming out of an abusive relationship. The people behind Starbucks took over 10 years to turn their one struggling coffee store into a global brand. Walt Disney in his early years was forced to dissolve his company, he could not pay his rent and had to live off dog food at one point, just to survive. When he first pitched his idea of Mickey Mouse he was told that the idea wouldn’t work and that a giant mouse on screen would terrify women!

So if you ever think you are a failure, or you believe you are going to fail or there is no way forward. Think again my friend! Have faith in the possibilities of what might be. Use your resources (and you have many of them believe me) to your advantage. I would like to finish on this quote by the wonderful Dr Robert Anthony ‘there is no failure in life, only feedback’.

Until next time, have a great week.

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