How much is your anxiety and depression costing you?

Have you been suffering from deep routed anxiety or depression for too long?

What cost does it have on various areas of your life?

Is your work suffering as a result?

Is it putting unnecessary pressure on your relationships? – Is it affecting those close to you such as your partner, family, friends or relatives?

Are you suffering poor health?

How would you like to get this resolved once and for all? How would you like to be completely free of all the sighs and symptoms of depression or anxiety in only three months? Yes, you heard me, three months! How would you like to lead a life of abundance, happiness and to be completely free rather than being held back?

Then I can help. There is no price you can put on banishing anxiety or depression for good.

In three months, I will help you to completely rid yourself of all the signs and symptoms of deep routed anxiety or depression.

Here are the answers to some common questions Before You Work With Me –

How will I benefit?

In three months, you will make enormous life changes. Your relationships will significantly improve. Your overall attitude to work and performance when you are at work will dramatically increase. If you are in business, improved success is just around the corner. Your health and wellbeing will be totally revitalised. You will have bundles of energy and your sleep will be better. You will attract more of what you want into your life instead of what you don’t want. Old, negative thinking will be a thing of the past.

What will I learn?

You will learn that there is nothing wrong with YOU, it’s just old programs you learnt a long time ago that keeps you stuck, in old habits, patterns and negative ways of thinking. You will learn you can let go of the past, which will allow you to move forward to a life of wealth, health and success. You will learn how the mind works. Practical tools and techniques will be taught which you will use both in and out of sessions, which will be applied on a daily basis. You will be able to rid yourself of old behaviours that no longer serve you in a much quicker time that you might think. You will learn how to relax, and shift your mindset, which will allow you to focus on the positives, which will lead to happiness and abundance in every area of your life. This will all be achieved in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment.

The 3 Month Support Package

What does the package look like?

You will be signing up to a complete three month support plan, which will lead to big life change. This will include the following –

  • Weekly sessions
  • Direct access to Janine in between sessions
  • Recordings to listen to in between sessions
  • Practical tools to be used out of sessions.

What will it cost?

  • The three month package is £1000. This can either be paid in full or can be paid in weekly installments, with a deposit of £200 paid upon booking.
  • ** Special offer this week only ** if you sign up to the full package this week, you will receive a saving of £100 (booking and payment must be received by midnight on 12.5.17)

How much is deep routed anxiety or depression costing you right now? Are you serious about making big life changes? You cannot put a price on vastly improving your life, and banishing anxiety or depression for good. I can help you.

Sign up for a 3 month complete support package :

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