How to calm down quickly and look at life by another perspective

Do you feel like you are often doing things at a million miles an hour and you never have a minute to yourself? Do you often feel like you never have any time to do anything and are always playing catch up? Would you like to feel more calm and relaxed? Would you prefer to take things more in your stride, rather than rushing around on autopilot? Do you often wonder why life stays the same, when you are secretly hoping big changes will come your way?

We often find that we are rushing through life, wondering why we never get a minute to ourselves.

However, has life always been like this? Was there once a time when you had a more carefree attitude and approach to life? Do you think this will ever return and are you ‘hoping’ for some life event to bring this? Events such as – retirement; paying off the mortgage; kids leaving home; change of job; leaving spouse/ partner; getting new spouse/ partner; winning the lottery?
I’m sure some of this list would be lovely, but are you living in hope for the future down the line, when you aren’t even enjoying, or living in the present moment right now? Do you think your life will change dramatically when you get to said moments, some which could be light years away. How about living in the now and enjoying what you have, rather than allowing life to pass you by.

what are the costs to you?

Is rushing through life allowing you to reap the benefits of the here and now? Are you feeling constantly stressed or worn out? Are your relationships with family friends or your partner being put at risk? What are the financial implications?

How does it make you feel?

Are you often worn out, stressed or tired? Are you enjoying all of life’s benefits to the full? Are you constantly complaining or feeling negative? Would you like your life to be filled with the things you love and desire?

Then I can help. Our life’s reality is actually whats dictated by our internal reality. i.e. our thoughts, and our thought processes, most of which are subconscious. Change can happen much quicker than you might think. But first, its about changing internal perceptions of events and our reality, linked to old beliefs that are no longer serving us.


Here are some top tips for you to try –
  • Breath. For the most part we don’t breathe correctly. Take a moment of two out of your day to notice your breath. Take some slow breaths in, through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. This is a sure fire way to pump you up with much need oxygen. Its an instant calmer-downer strategy.
  • Meditate or relax. Close your eyes for five minutes. You don’t have to suddenly become a zen buddhist monk overnight. However, take five minutes to yourself. It will get you off the internal chit chatter. It will also allow you to get off autopilot and it will allow you to be more mindful of what those incessant thoughts are, so you can do something about it by becoming more consciously aware. It will also allow you to relax and become more centred. Make this a routine. Show up. Make it longer as you become more accustomed. There is no right or wrong way.
  • Get some fresh air. Go out more. Find somewhere local, be it the nearest park, a cycle route, somewhere you can take the dog or the kids. Be mindful about your surroundings. Notice sights you haven’t seen before. What are the sounds you notice around you normally take for granted. Use all your senses to be present within the actual moment. See how it feels. Do more of it.
  • Help someone and don’t ask for anything in return. Perhaps a friend needs some help who is worse off than you? Give them a hand. Do something out the ordinary to help someone. It could even be a random stranger! Random acts of kindness are some of the biggest natural repayments. It feels great too.
  • Prioritise tasks. Is there really stuff you need to be doing right now? Do you need to respond to that text or email this instant? Is there really a need to spend hours on social media checking in the recent ‘like’ status? Is so much time required on focussing on the hours of negativity that the news on TV brings? Have a thing what you need and don’t need right now. Have a think about ditching some things that are essential and present, and you’re life might actually be more fulfilling without?
If you think you have no ‘time’, then make it. There are 150 hours in a week. We spend around 40 of them working, 50-60 sleeping and 5-10 eating. What are we doing with the other 40?

If you would like to know more about how I can help you then please complete the comment box below.

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