How to create the life you want

Have you heard about how we can manifest what we want into our lives?

So why aren’t things happening as quickly as you’d like? Or what aren’t you living the life you’d like right now, or that you had envisaged?

Have you also heard that our thoughts create our reality? So what we think, actually creates our life. How you are living right now is determined by your thoughts and the collection of them up until this point. Sounds crazy huh? There is a mass of research emerging by neuroscientists to suggest that very thing. So it’s not actually so crazy people.

I bet you don’t want to let a single thought slip by again!

Let me clarify a couple of things in more detail. For one reason or another, as a society, we tend to focus on the negative. We literally feed off negatively. Turn on the TV, the news is negative. Open a newspaper, the thing is flooded with doom, stories of conflict and difficulties around the world.

You might be thinking one of two things.

First of all, I need to hear this stuff. Second, that in general, I am a positive person. Firstly, for every negative story, there will be thousands of acts of kindness. Most on your doorstep. How is by hearing all the stories of violence, war and destruction actually going to enhance our lives? Secondly, I applaud you for being a positive kind of person. However, I would urge you to ask yourself this – is every aspect of your life fulfilled and happy? If they are, I am super duper happy for you.

However, something tells me there might be a couple of things you may want to change. Firstly you are reading this article (yay) and secondly, there is always often something we are striving towards. Be it tons of money in the bank, the most amazing career unimaginable, peak health, or amazing relationships. So why haven’t you got those things right now? Why aren’t you right where you want to be? What is still missing?

I’ll let you into a little secret or two.
What we actually do, is by thought alone, we focus on what we haven’t got. So we are focussing on the negative. I will give you some examples of these thoughts. “I really want to earn tons of money, but I am struggling financially most of the time”, “I really want this illness to go away, but it feels lousy and rubbish feeling this ill all the time”, “I want to be full of energy, but I feel tired most of the time”, “I want to be so successful and happy but I’m feeling low and at the bottom of the pile”. Do you see what we are actually doing? We are focussing on the negative! We are focussing on the lack! So what we are actually doing is manifesting into our lives what we don’t want by focusing on it.
Our thoughts are actually creating a current reality.

Here is another one for you. Your world right now, is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about your current life. Right now. Your inner and outer world are completely connected. Your outer world (so your experiences and everything linked to that) is a direct reflection of your inner world (your thoughts and feelings). And the outer world is a direct representation of you. You are conditioned by the outer world, whatever surrounds you. Much of this happens on auto-pilot.

Here are some practical examples you can use to get yourself both off auto-pilot and to begin to create your own reality – whatever you would like in your life that you are currently lacking, or whatever goal you wish to achieve:-

Let go of the negative. Be more mindful of your thoughts. Don’t let negative ones pass you by. Notice what thoughts comes up, notice the patterns in your thought process. Spend time on this. Be conscious about what you say to yourself. Every time you hear a negative, stop it as quickly as you can. Stop it in its tracks and replace it with a positive or the exact opposite thought. This takes time and practice, persevere with it, I am teaching you to re-programme the mind. Its had years of current programming!

Use affirmations. Have some standard affirmations that you say to yourself on a regular basis. Again, persistent and perseverance is the key! Start the small sentence with “I am” repeat, repeat and repeat. Have them around the home, by your bedside, on mirrors and in the car. Anywhere you can see them easily.

Visualise. This can be a straight forward and easy process. Find somewhere quiet. Close your eyes and imagine relaxing yourself from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Have a firm visual idea about what you really want to achieve. Imagine you are there, see how it feels, notice how you feel and really crank those sights and sounds up, really be there! The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, so make it as vivid and real as you can! Every time we instruct the subconscious mind – it will give it back to us in droves. Again, it is all about persistence and showing up, thats they key in all of this.

Please do let me know how you get on, I look forward to hearing what you have begun manifesting into your life. If you need any more help at all or would like to ask any questions, I am happy to talk further. I can also help you achieve whatever you want into your life, by way of a super-boosted process within private one-one sessions. Much quicker that you might think. Happy manifesting!

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