I owe you my life!

“I owe you my life”!

This is what a client told me this week. She further went on to say, you made such a huge difference and helped me so much in a matter of weeks that I cocktail of meds, Counselling and CBT couldn’t do in years.

How amazing is that! This client came to me having suffered with anxiety and depression for years. She had tried and tried to get help previously, with little or no success.

This is a familiar story I see with clients who come to me.

So why has the work that we have done together been so successful, and in a relatively short space of time, compared to other treatments?

When I first start working with a client, I firstly gain a full understanding of exactly what we need to work with. I quickly discover this is a pattern of behaviour that has often kept the client stuck for years.

What I do, is I firstly explain to the client why we are the way we are, and why unhelpful behaviours might have been keeping us in a familiar pattern of lets say, anxiety, stress or depression.

I provide a sound understanding about how the subconscious part of our mind works. Why? – Because this is the part of the mind that controls who we are (at least 95% of the mind!), and its the part we need to work with if we need to make necessary and lasting change. The operating system if you will. The place where we are comfortably holding onto all our limiting beliefs about ourselves that are keeping us stuck. Often the root of presenting problems that can then debilitate us for many years, if not a lifetime.

Once we let go of these, including the negative self talk, and begin to change this around, transformation then takes place.

Client find themselves free of the old pattern and behaviours. And they learn tools and strategies that transform their lives, from the dark and difficult place they used to be in, to a place of feelings of calm, being in the moment and being totally in control.

Who wouldn’t want a bit of that!
Life is so short. And I often say, life is a decision. We can let these old ways of being control us, and keep us stuck. Or we can chose to change it head on, and learn life changing strategies in the process.
This is why I LOVE what I do.

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Janine is the founder of Change for Success. She specialises in working with people to transform their lives. She does this by helping them overcome stress, anxiety and depression. She works with private clients at her consulting rooms in Manchester city centre. She also runs stress management workshops and helps companies and organisations improve their performance by reducing stress in the workplace.

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