Is your teenager struggling and what are the costs to them and you?

Sadly, there are a number of reasons why our children are some of the most depressed. So much pressure is placed on our young people. These include areas such as exam stress, school performance, and the need to fit in. Bullying in our society is also sadly commonplace, happening on and off line.

There are so many different factors contributing to issues around mental health and emotional well-being affecting children and teenagers.

Social media has its own host of problems. This is something that we can’t get away from in modern society. A recent article written by the BBC which stated out of all the social media platforms, not surprisingly, Instagram is the most likely to be the worse cause from are social media outlets to significantly impact on mental health. Kids now, all too often are being drawn into this familiar cycle of wanting to look a certain way. Wanting to fit into aesthetic moulds, is having its own issues in itself. The survey that was referred to in this article counts the following areas to contribute – anxiety, depression, loneliness and body image. The survey also considered the use of social media on emotional well-being. Finding that the two were linked to poor well-being and the struggle to manage the above issues.

Are you worried about you child?

Is your child exhibiting signs of feeling isolated and unhappy? Is he or she struggling with trying to fit in with others? Are they more likely to find solace in online technology, rather than mix with others socially? Are they struggling with certain areas of life, perhaps at home or at school? Is it hard to speak to your child and help them to open up?

What can I do?

If your child is feeling quiet and withdrawn? – It’s ok to broach the subject gently. Ask in a quiet place is everything is okay and if there is anything you can do differently to help. A softy, gently approach over a period of time, to gain trust. Rather than focus on some of the usuals, ‘Hi, how was school?’ Get into familiar family habits of focussing on gratitudes for the day. It could be something as simple as having a nice sandwich at lunch, to it was nice to walk home in the sun, a teacher said something super nice, to have a friend over for tea. Focus on those positives, and make it become part of a daily home time ritual. It takes only a minute (or longer if you prefer!).

Still worried? – I can help.

There is no price you can put on your child’s wellbeing. And it will shape and mould for an amazing future. How would it feel if your child was able to remove all self doubt, increase confidence no end, and eradicate low moods or feelings of anxiety and sadness?

What I can offer.

A complete eight week support package.


What are the benefits?

In two months, I will help your child create the following – massive improvements in confidence and self esteem, reduction in exam performance stressors, remove all negative self belief, let go of all anxiety and worry. Old negative cycles will be banished.

What will be learnt?

Your child will learn there is nothing wrong with them. They will learn practical tools and techniques that can be taken away and used at any time to enable them to cope with various life stressors and demands. They will learn a life changing tool that can be used as a self help tool. Your child will eliminate old beliefs that have been keeping them stuck. This will lead to success and happiness and a completely new zest for life. This will be an excellent building block to support into adult life.

Contact me now via the form below if you would like any more information or to arrange a booking. I am confident your child’s well-being will be turned on its head as a result of working with me.

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