New year new start! …. or not?

So its the new year, yay! What have you got planned? Have you made new years resolutions? Have you made new year goals? Are there big things you want to do different this year? is there something you want to change?

Is it to achieve a dream? Is it to be a huge success in business? Is it to make more money? Is is to improve your health, confidence? is it to feel less stressed? Is it to have more time or to be more productive?

No matter what we want to change, the start of a new year always seems to be the appropriate time to put things into action doesn’t it?

For example, after all the over indulgences of Christmas, we usually want to achieve a fitness goal – to be healthy, slim and trim. New diets and exercise regimes are therefore big in January. The gyms are packed out with people wanting to put new plans into action and to be full of energy going into the new year.

However, hang on a minute. By February or March – how are gyms looking? Are they still full to the rafters of the same people putting their new year plans into action? Or have they gone a little quiet? Have people slacked off a little? Of course they have! Gyms make a fortune on 12 month memberships, when new recruits only visit a couple of times, or last the whole month of January, tops.

What happened to all those new years resolutions and grand plans that were all in place only a matter of weeks earlier?

Lets look at the gym example again. Most are full of great ideas, then things change pretty radically, they return to what they are used to, not to go to the gym. The little voice in the head will be coming up with a million and one reasons not to visit – “It’s too cold, I’ve had a long day, I’m tired, I will start tomorrow, todays not a good day, I had an argument with my boss/ partner, it’s too much like hard work, its really hard to lose weight” And so on and so forth, you get the picture.

Why do we end up saying these things to ourselves, and why do we often put things off, never to be achieved?

There are a couple of things. First and foremost, it is very difficult to work with will-power alone. This is an area that makes up part of our conscious mind, only accounting for around 5%. Secondly, we don’t like change. It is easier to tell ourselves a raft of excuses, rather than going ahead with the behaviour change we may want consciously, but our cozy subconscious mind has another agenda. On top of all this, we are thinking and feeling a certain way continually. Our brains and body’s are so used to being in this way of thinking, it is often very difficult to break this cycle. Our body is a chemically created, whereby we spend our entire lifetime producing chemicals by our thoughts (*This has been scientifically proven, more about this in my next blog). So what happens is we literally become chemically addicted to our thoughts of the past. You may have heard the term – neurones that fire together wire together.

So it can seem hard to make a change, even though we so desperately want it on a conscious level, our old way of thinking and being has a different agenda.

How do we actually change something we want to, quicker than we might think?

We have spent the majority of our lives thinking and feeling in a certain way (our personality is finite by the time we reach around the age of thirty five). So it’s about finding an easy way to make a change, and not going back to our old ways.

One of the best ways to do this is to work directly with our subconscious mind. We so underuse the power of the subconscious mind. Did you know it is 30,000 more powerful than your conscious mind! So this is the part we need to work with. We need to literally retrain the brain.

Some techniques I suggest you give a go are:-

  • Daily meditation practice (10 minutes a day is fine)
  • Daily use of affirmations – these need to be positive, present and persistent
  • Set realistic goals to achieve on a monthly basis for the year.

I can provide you much more information on the above if you get in touch, or point you in the right direction.

However, a quicker, simple and effective way to achieve your goals and start living the life you want, is to work with me.

“One of the most common things I hear when I work with clients is that they wish they had come to see me sooner”

Sessions are very relaxed and informal. I can guarantee you one thing – be motivated to achieve your desires and you will see huge changes in a wonderfully short space of time.