Removing fear

We have all been completely shook by the atrocities of the terror attacks here in Manchester today. This is home for me. I have lived here a number of years after living in several places. I love this city. What has happened today has been horrific and senseless. Innocent people killed.

Sadly this isn’t the only place in the world this is going on, as we all know. It is horrifically real, especially as this is where I live and I was in the area of the bombing only two days ago.

Now there is also the aftermath and there is a vigil being held as I type this, in the city centre of Manchester where thousands have gathered.

But what happens afterwards? I have heard so many say that they now feel extremely fearful. Feel scared to enter the streets of Manchester, be anywhere in the area, or be anywhere were large numbers of people would congregate.

I would say this. If we live in fear, terrorism has won. If we stay hidden at home and lock our doors and stay behind them, they have won. If we restrict our activities as to how about we go about our daily life, they have won. If we live in continual fear and hinder what we do by limiting our life experience, surely they have won.

This, in my view is a time to pull together. Lives have been devastatingly lost and many others injured. It is time to send love and provide support to those less fortunate then us, in whatever way possible. Many have already done so. The Manchester people and those beyond, coming together. I have already heard so many acts of kindness and bravery, including a homeless man who rescued many and took them to safety. A brave hero. And many others who have helped in so many different ways. This is a time to pull together. Whatever race or creed, we are all human beings, we all walk the same soil, we are all the same. This was one brainwashed extremist.

Do not live in fear. Strive for love and peace. Live together, united we stand.


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