Social anxiety, no confidence and poor sleep? – Not any more!

I want to share with you a story about a client I had been working with for a couple of months.

When this client first came to see me, he had difficulties with the following – anxiety in social situations, a lack of confidence and he was suffering with poor sleep.

My client was initially unsure of what sessions would look like in terms of helping him move forward. However, he knew what his goal was – to be free of all these issues, to enable his life to be fulfilled and stress free.

We spent time in session whereby I taught my client simple practical tools and techniques to begin to change his life around. I also taught him about mindset strategies and allowed him to understand, if we have created these old programmes, we can uncreate them. Easily and successfully.

My client bounced into session last week. He was is not the same person who walked into my therapy room at his first session. At the start of last weeks session we reviewed my clients goals in order to see where he was up to.

I asked him how his sleep was doing. He told me he had gone from very poor and broken sleep, whereby he would often be awake in the middle of the night, to a sound nights sleep. And guess what! He was feeling so much better as a result – he now had so much energy in the day time, which was fantastic!

We then discussed social anxiety and his confidence. With enthusiasm and excitement, my client was able to talk through a range of situations whereby both social anxiety and poor confidence were a thing of the past. Additionally, he has made some huge and very positive life changes as a result. As he described the situations in which he has dealt with in a self assured, and confident way, I quietly listened, bursting with a real sense of pride. This was not the same person that had come to see me a couple of months earlier.

We talked through this further, and my client agreed. He said he felt confident, self assured and happy within himself. He was so pleased with the impact this was now having on his life, and where he was now headed. He stated even his close friend had noticed huge changes, and also wanted to talk to me about booking in for sessions as he was witnessing first hand the impact our work was having with his friend!

I would like to add, it is my client who has made the change. He has worked with the tools that I have given him, both in and out of session, and he has applied them to his life. And look at the wonderful rewards he is reaping as a result. I am so happy for him, and super proud.

Sessions with clients are relaxed and informal. Not only do I teach my clients powerful yet simple practical tools and techniques to help them achieve their goals, but I also teach the theory behind why we do what we do. Why? To enable clients to raise their awareness and understanding, which is key to this type of work. In fact, during one of the sessions, my client stated, they should teach this stuff in schools (which I totally agree – more about that in another blog).

Hoorah and a massive well done to my client!

Is there something similar in your life that is holding you back? And what is it costing you? What would your life look like without it? You can’t put a value on achieving such big life changes. Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat, or to arrange a free consultation to find out how I can help you.

Janine has a private practice where she see’s clients on an individual basis. She also works with organisations and corporate clients. She utilises bespoke programmes to work with you in helping you achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

Please contact her direct for more information – [email protected], or via her website – Change For Success