Weather – change our thoughts?

Hello. I trust you are enjoying this sunny weather, what a gorgeous day! Or are you?

I know we are often a ‘nation of complainers’. Ooh the weather isn’t great is it? When are we going to get a decent summer? They told us we would have a three month heatwave? Ooh the weather is rubbish in this country. Its not stopped raining for weeks. I can’t wait for a bit of sun. The weather is so unpredictable. The list could go on. And this is just one topic area we like to have a good old complain about. There are many others, but the weather is always a favourite one in our wonderful country so I’ll focus on that for today.

So today in the UK it is gloriously sunny! Surely this is what any of us who are familiar from making the above statements have been waiting for? However, already the familiar sentiments are being uttered. Ooh its too hot for me this weather. Oh I can’t cope in this heat. I’m sweating cobs here. I need to be in the shade with a fan on. I can’t be doing with this. Oh I’m stuck in the office all day. You get the picture.

My point is, I think it is so important to really begin to notice, or become more conscious of what your familiar thoughts and feelings are. Not just in relation to the weather, but many other areas you are familiar with.

We think around 50-70,000 thoughts a day, scientists propose. It is also suggested around 90% of our thoughts are negative. And the majority are from the day before. This is through no fault of our own as we feed off negativity. We love it. Have you every turned on the news and watched half an hour of non-depressing stories? Of course not. There is also argument to suggest that much of this is goes back through our past, linked to our ancestors when they lived in danger and constant threat.

The more we become ‘conscious’ and aware of our thoughts, the quicker we can do something about it. Catch yourself next time. Moment to moment. The minute you let a negative thought go, you are above that incessant chatter that dictates much of our life. It is also worthy to note that every time we have a negative thought we release a negative chemical. Before we know it we are in circular motion, and so it continues. However the good news is, every time we have a happy thought, this releases a happy chemical, serotonin, oxytocin and so on. The more we become practiced in this, the easier it can become. We can do this a number of ways. The best thing to remember is to get off what I call ‘autopilot’ and really begin to notice what old thoughts, patterns and emotions we are holding on to. As we become more familiar with getting out of the old patterns of being addicted to emotions linked to guilt, anxiety, stress, or complaining, the sooner we can become more familiar with being in a place where we are grateful for what we have around us, rather than focusing on the negative.

Notice how you do, I can guarantee big changes as a result!

On that note, have a wonderful day folks.

Janine works with private clients in one to one sessions via her consulting rooms in Manchester City Centre or via FaceTime or Skype. She also provides resilience workshops for corporate or private clients.

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