Welcome to my Blog!!


I am very excited to welcome you to my Blog here at Change for Success!

I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to check out my Website and take a look at my blog!

So, what is it I do? My philosophy at Change for Success, is to help YOU to achieve your optimum potential. Whether that is in your personal life or work life. Both are very much linked, so often this stuff overlaps!

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I am so passionate about helping others make fast and permanent changes in their lives. The techniques I use with clients are effective and safe, and I see change occur often within such a quick time frame. This leaves my clients feeling happy and empowered! Sometimes it can just be about me helping to point someone in the right direction. Often clients will have many a ‘light bulb’ moment. This is fabulous to witness and I have been there myself in the past!

I love recounting those times I had those ‘a-ha!’ moments, and then, right there and then, I was able to walk back into my life! (on more than one occasion I am sure!) And this is what I see with my clients time and time again. Whether it will be one of the following. A phobia that has been stopping them from doing something or going somewhere they love. Someone who has smoked for years knowing it is bad for them and stopped just in a couple of easy sessions. A client who has suffered with anxiety or depression for a number of years and this has been holding them back from achieving happiness and success that they truly deserve. Change can often happen much quicker than we might think. Once a client has learnt some simple strategies and has an understanding of where this stuff might have come from, or why it might not necessarily want to remove itself without the help of a professional, this is often where great life changing shifts can be made!

This is where I can help! I intend to blog on a regular basis, usually weekly. My blogs will cover a number of topic areas. This will include the following –

* Developing an understanding and awareness into the subconscious mind.
* Providing some basic, simple and effective tools that can be employed for you to use in your daily lives.
* General discussion and understanding of areas that may affect our lives and how they do so. Areas would include – stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, unhealthy relationships, anxiety.
* An overall insight into some of the work with my clients including results achieved in informing a solution focussed approach.
* Insight into my background and the struggles and challenges I have faced into getting where I have got to today.
* Discussion in relation to running a business including some challenges faced but also the countless rewards I achieve in this role.
* Advise and guidance to you if you may be in a situation where you see yourself struggling and think there may be no way out. This may include challenging relationships, lack of job satisfaction, unhappy in life and wish to move forward.
* Some topic areas of my book that I am currently writing which may include overcoming abuse, empowering survivors and guidance to move forward.

These are just some of the topic areas that will be covered in my regular blogs. If there is anything else you would like me to discuss, or any other topic areas you feel would be beneficial, then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email – [email protected]. I am also happy to chat on the telephone for a free and confidential chat on – 07854273916. If you would like to know any more about my sessions or the work that I do, please feel free to take a look around my Website. I offer sessions on a private one-one basis either in my consulting rooms or via Skype. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Until then, be well and have a fantastic bank holiday weekend. Janine Helping you to achieve your optimum success. Founder of Change for Success.