What are affirmations and can they help me? (Part 1)

For those of you that don’t know anything about affirmations, your first thought might be that these ‘affirmations’ things are just for certain types of people and they are ‘woo woo’.

The first myth I want to dispel is this – this is not the case. We are already using affirmations throughout our day. Thousand and thousands of times. However are they helping us? If you are stuck in either one, or a number of areas of your life, it’s highly unlikely.

Let me explain further

That little voice inside your head, you know the one that talks to you all the time. Every time you hear that voice telling you something, good or bad, you are affirming it to yourself. We are basically affirming something that is presently going on in our life right now. Over and over and over.

So, some common ones would be – “I’ve not got enough money; how do I pay the bills this month; I’m not as successful as Joe Blogs over the road; I don’t feel confidence in this situation; I don’t like my job; nobody likes me; I wish I could travel more; I can’t find the perfect relationship”. You get the idea.

So what we are doing, is we are continually affirming to ourselves what we haven’t got. We are focusing on the lack. So wonder why you keep attracting more of it?

What does your idea of success look like? Is it living in a big house, is it travelling the world living a jet set lifestyle, is it having a carefree and loving family environment, is it having an amazing job that you love? Do you think all the other people in the current position as to what you are aspiring to focus on the negatives in terms of where they have got to in life? Or have they focussed on their aspirations and dreams? I would suggest the latter.

Tomorrow I am going to teach you all about affirmations and how they can be used within your life with ease, so you can achieve the success that you want and make some amazing life changes in the bargain.

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Janine x