What makes a good business owner?

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What are the key attributes to running a successful business? How can business owners inspire a workforce? What leads to increased revenue and productivity in the long term? Is having happy customers fundamental to business success? Is it important to move with the times and keep a measure of change? Is long term planning part of the success story?

These are some of the areas that will be considered in this article.

Here are some examples of what I think makes a successful business owner:-

A strong sense of leadership is important even in very small teams. Business owners need to be able to show they’re capable of making solid decisions on a daily basis. Listening to advise is important, but their agenda must always be set out as a business priority.



It is extremely important for business owners to be dedicated, motivated and to have passion and drive within their business. This will then cascade down the food chain to staff, which will reflect happy customers. Tasks and schedules should be met, while remembering a work-life balance. No one will benefit if a business owner is completely frazzled and it doesn’t set a good example to others.



Within the successful running of a business, it is important to think outside the box. Sound marketing material to celebrate the uniqueness and branding of a business are a vital part to creativity. Brand awareness and understanding who the business is marketing to is key. A sound business owner will be visionary and bold, taking calculated risks are very likely to pay off.

Excitement and passion

If a business owner is not excited about their business, then they shouldn’t expect anyone else to be. Running a business is also a challenging task. Remaining energised, being resilient and staying focussed will all be key to successful operations. A good business owner is passionate about what they do. If a business owner is not passionate themselves, how can they expect others to be inspired?


Honesty and integrity

It is crucial for a successful business owner to be honest with themselves as well as their employees. Goals and deadlines should be realistic and attainable ones. Whatever is being sold to the customer needs to be delivered, no half measures – a good business will be remembered for quality over quantity, every time.


Thinking Ahead and planning

Good business owners will plan and prepare for the future. Short, medium and long term goals should be considered when creating any plans. Strategies should be put into place to ensure goals and targets are being met, financial or otherwise.


Look after employees

Successful business owners take pride in looking after their employees. Employees are the number one commodity within a business. If employee’s are either not happy in their role, or there is a high amount of stress in the workplace, this will impact on a number of areas. This includes poor messages to customers, reduced productivity and low morale. Employee’s wellbeing is key to the successful operational running of a business and also has a big impact on work-life balance. Employees who are burnt out, are more likely to suffer from poor performance, fatigue and will be more likely to take time off through stress related illness. This all has an impact on a business and its results, short and long term.


So these are some examples of what makes a good business owner. Are you a business owner and can identify with some of the traits in this article? Are you an employee and see these traits in those at the top? Or alternatively, do more of these aspects need to be employed, and if so, would it have a successful effect in productive running of the business?


I come into organisations and I teach business owners and their employees all about resilience and how to manage stress. I teach practical tools and techniques to support staff in reducing levels of burn out and to be more resilient. This improves morale and increases productivity, having a positive impact on a number of levels and the overall wellbeing of staff.


If you would like to know more about the work that I do, and would like to learn how I can help you improve these areas of your organisation, then please get in touch today via the contact form below. I would be happy to answer any questions and chat in more detail about the services that I offer.


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