Work in a call centre? – are staff productive?

Any type of work where customer focus is speaking to people on the telephones to either resolve problems or issues, or to sell people stuff can be an extremely demanding position.


You are on the end of a phone, someone at the other end either may not want to be there or isn’t in the best place right now. Can be super tough at the best of times. Do management of such companies respect this, and understand the key needs of their staff? Is staff moral a priority? If so, why not? Are managers or CEO’s aware that staff who are feeling less stressed and more valued likely to do their job better? Is it accepted that those in a more happy workplace and surrounding are going to be more productive. What are the costs to your business?

What does happier team members, improved staff morale and increased productivity lead to in the longer term? – Increased turnover, a bigger overall revenue. And what does a happy and efficient team lead to? – happy customers. This will be entirely emitted through the phone lines. Happy customer equals – repeat customers, sustainability and referrals. Trust me, a customer who has received a level of service that goes above and beyond remembers that level of service long after they have paid for it. And if you are happy with ‘satisfied’ customers, you are only half way there.

Want to improve productivity and increase turnover? Want to make your business stand out from the rest with your greatest commodity, your staff? It is all about investing in your staff today, to reap the amazing rewards tomorrow. One way this can be achieved, and often much quicker than you might think, is by supporting staff by way of a stress management and resilience workshop.


What does a stress and resilience workshop look like?


During a workshop delegates learn the following –


  • Understand what are the causes of stress and how this can have a negative impact on performance.
  • Develop an understanding of the term ‘resilience’. Practical tools are taught to improve resilience strategies.
  • An insight into how our mind works and how we fear change which leads to behaviours that keep us limited within our mindset. You will learn how to overcome this.
  • Learn practical techniques to Improve mindset. This directly impacts on achieving goals in the workplace.
  • Visualisation and relaxation techniques to eliminate stress and burnout.
  • Practical tools and techniques are taught which directly impacts on the following areas- removing limiting beliefs, improve confidence, develop assertiveness and communication skills.
What are the benefits of attending a stress and resilience workshop?


  • Stress and its effects are reduced. This leads to improved levels of wellbeing, increased concentration and productivity.
  • Delegates will feel more relaxed, centred and focussed.
  • Increased levels of staff morale and staff feeling valued.
  • Reduction in levels of staff absenteeism as a result of improved resilience strategies. This in turn leads to healthier and happier staff.
  • Delegates will be able to manage challenges with ease.
  • Positive mindset and focus which leads to deadlines being smashed. Increased levels in areas such as confidence and performance.

All workshops are fun and interactive while being informative and practical. Delegates will leave with a new understanding of how they can apply tools and techniques with immediate effect which will lead to life transforming changes.


What are the costs to your business? The investment in your staff, your biggest commodity. It’s a no brainer.

Janine can be booked for workshops in the corporate sector. For more information, to arrange an initial enquiry or to book please contact Janine on the contact form below.



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