Would you like to buy a new sofa, or would you like to change your life? – for good.

Hello how are you today?

As I was walking though Manchester today I walked past an exclusive furniture shop. In the window I saw a sofa. It was basic looking, something to sit on while watching TV, or entertaining visitors. I noticed the price tag as I walked past. A whopping £7250. Yes, all that money, for something merely to sit on. Now I like sitting down and relaxing. Apart from the fact it didn’t look overly comfy, I personally would not be inclined to spend such an amount on something to park myself on of an evening.

It got my thinking. There are so many of us prepared to spend such a large amount of money on something to sit on, amongst other perceived luxuries. Yet, as I continued my walk around the streets of Manchester, most of the people I walked past didn’t look overly happy with their lot. They were going about their daily lives, engrossed in their thoughts, what I would call sleep walking though life.

Spending over seven grand on a sofa might make you happy. It might enlighten your life. For a short time. You will then return to the familiar treadmill of life, hoping secretly that something dramatic will change. Hoping, that by chance, change will come your way, knocking on your door asking what you would like to change with you life and how quickly.

We live in a society of the view that commodities will make us happy. An uncomfortable sofa that looks good when others visit. A car that goes too fast for the slow and contested streets of our country. A glamorous holiday that can provide us with some apparently needed ‘respite’. Or a piece of jewellery that makes us feel ‘validated’ for a short period of time.

However what makes us truly happy? What completely ignites the fire in our belly? Where would we be if we felt unashamedly happy? What are we always striving towards? Why do we often never appear to get there?

Remember, we only have the gift of one life. There is only one of you.

Would you like to change the internal stuff? Or would you like to remain in a position where continue to remain in the search for external validation in the hope that things will change?

If you would like to know any more about how you can make dramatic changes (from the inside) in order to live the life you actually want, rather than searching for something outside of yourself, please contact me to find out how I can help on the contact form below. Much quicker than you might think.


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