I have no idea the person I was before – Stuart’s journey

Can you imagine changing beyond recognition in only 3 months???

‘Stuart’s’ life – working together for 3 months. This is what he said 6 months later……

Where do I start?

Before meeting Janine I’d tried various methods of counselling, CBT and self help options to try and reduce my anxiety and depression with no real results. After my father committed suicide over 14 years ago I had struggled with lots of severe anxiety and depression.

Severe anxiety would lead to avoiding so many situations where I’d overthink then decide it was just not worth it and take the easy option of not doing it. This would have huge effects on me physically and mentally and would stop me living my life as I wanted.

I could go into masses of detail about how I WAS previously but writing this now I just want to talk about the present!

Wow, well what can I say, Janine has helped me immensely, I have no idea who that person from before was!

The work we have done together has changed habits, behaviours and routine for me to think differently and to overcome hurdles daily.

I have such better self talk flying round my head, I am tackling things that would have been avoided previously without even realising sometimes.

I have excelled in work and competitively in sports but the main and most satisfying change for me is being a better dad and overall person with my family.

I was sceptical before we started but got to the point after this many years that I was desperate to try something else and I am so glad I did!

Great decision and really appreciate all the help Janine gave me.

Make the call, send the email and get in touch with Janine as it will be a GREAT decision, I can assure you.

This is WHY I do this work 😍