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It really depends on what it is you would like to work with. We offer a range of three and six month programmes [see here]. We can also offer one-one sessions on a weekly basis to support you and your needs. We tailor make programmes and sessions to meet your requirements. More can be discussed during a free, no obligation consultation [contact us].

Sessions are really relaxed and informal. We will speak in brief during the first session about your needs and what you would like to resolve.  That’s the most amount of talking you will need to do! We discuss how we move forward, I give you the exact support you need. We ensure you achieve your goal which is fully reviewed at the end of sessions. My clients say the same thing time and time again – that they really enjoy sessions and that they wish they had booked to see me much sooner.

Hypnotherapy works with a range of problems including depression, stress, anxiety, confidence, fears, habits, weight loss, addictions and OCD. Hypnotherapy works in a shorter space of time compared to regular talking therapies. Why? – Because it works directly with the subconscious part of the mind which controls around 95% of who we are – our habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and old programmes. It is extremely effective and the life changing benefits are huge.

Yes. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious part of the mind, where old programmes are stored. This is what creates the patterns that you want to shift and change. Think of the mind like a computer. Hypnosis gently changes the old programmes allowing you to let go of them, for good.

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No, you do not go to sleep when you are in hypnosis. You are in a relaxed state, you will notice some changes, but you are awake the entire time. We are actually in hypnosis most of the day, its like a day dreamy like state. So for example, watching the TV, on your phone, on a computer or when you are driving.

No. Stage hypnosis is purely for entertainment purposes. Participants are chosen who are usually more susceptible from the initial batch of volunteers. So remember, everyone volunteers of their own free will. Hypnotherapy is simple, and highly effective. You are in complete control the entire time. You can’t say or do anything in hypnosis you can’t do out of hypnosis.

EFT is like acupuncture without the needles. It rewires neurological pathways within the brain and works with the body’s energy system to gently release old patterns and ways of thinking that are keeping you stuck.  It is highly effective and is scientifically proven. [Click here to go to our EFT page] to find out lots more about how EFT can help you.

Clients are extremely positive and happy after we finish working together. Here’s what others have said –

“Working with Janine has been transformational

“I cannot thank Janine more for changing my life”

“I have been completely blown away with the results”

“I have benefited from dramatic changes which have lasted”“Janine has changed my life”

“I have tried all types of therapy, EFT and hypnotherapy with Janine has been far the best”

“Janine has changed my life for the better”

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