Janine Mitchell EFT Specialist

Individual and Corporate Wellness Services for
Happy, Healthy Teams

I have conducted groundbreaking research into EFT that has been published by a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Energy Psychology. There is so much scientific evidence behind this technique, a large body of efficacious studies have been conducted. I am so privileged to be part of this. If you would like a copy of this research, get in touch via the form below and I will have my team send it to you.


Hi, I am the Founder of Change for Success, a Wellness consultancy based in Manchester, UK. I have a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a published researcher. I have 18+ years experience as a stress relief expert. I help companies and individuals reduce stress and anxiety using proven methods that work. I get results. This includes tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I am a fully trained advanced hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP Practitioner.

Janine Mitchell


I teach individuals and corporate teams strategies to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and regain control over emotions and poor coping strategies to achieve inner calm, increased productivity and resiliency.

Prior to running my own business, I experienced many years of being in one of the most stressed out jobs. I like many others ended up on burnout, my mental health suffered. I was extremely low, struggled with sleep, I was totally unsupported.

Then major changes transformed my life, a complete shift in mindset, as I discovered therapies like EFT, Tapping, that gave me the tools I’d been missing to cope with stress.

The services that I offer have been developed by world-leading experts. I am in the fortunate position that their lifetime of work has been passed to me.

I provide tailor made wellness and resilience coaching and programmes to you and your staff that get results