Stress Reduction & Resilience

How would it feel to lead a life free of stressful thoughts and feelings?

How is stress affecting you?

Do you often feel you are in a state of stress? Do you focus on the negative and wonder why positives are few and far between?

Do you lack energy, clarity and focus?

What would life look like if you were able to let go of not feeling stuck?

Would you like to feel completely in control, with razor-sharp focus and clarity, and make decisions with ease?

What is stress?

Stress is a physical reaction to a danger or demand, whereby chemical changes occur in the body. This is an evolutionary reaction, dating back to our caveman ancestors. Our body will go into overdrive to deal with a threat or dangerous situation. Stress is a fact of life, some stress can be good for you, in order to help you achieve that desired goal or challenge. However, too much stress can harm your physical and emotional well-being.

The good news is there is something that can be done to change it, and quicker than you might think. We are actually programmed and wired to focus on the negative. Think fight or flight – our internal threat system looking after us.

However, we continue to live by the hormones of stress. Even though we’re not in danger anymore. You can be in control rather than letting stress control you.

Remove stress for good!

Your whole life will improve, including your health, mindset, sleep, wellbeing and your relationship both with yourself and others. Work with us here at Change for Success on a complete three-month programme. We teach you cutting edge techniques that you will be able to use and implement straight away. You will understand the impact of your past, focus on the present and work towards a future you desire.  You will notice immediate changes, which will last.

Would you like us to help you? Then contact me today to arrange your free introductory session.

Three month stress reduction programme includes:

  • – An intensive session package in person and online
  • – Direct access to Janine in between sessions
  • – Recordings to listen to in between sessions
  • – Practical tools to be used out of sessions.