“Anxiety isn’t even a thing anymore” Emily’s story

Emily came to see me having suffered with years of severe anxiety. Things had got that bad, she could barely leave the house, and was having multiple panic attacks a day. 

We worked together for three months. A year later, leading her dream life, she updates me how things are going.

Read in Emily’s words, how ‘anxiety isn’t even a thing anymore’

I don’t think you genuine recognise how much you’ve changed my life.

I couldn’t have got to where I am today without you. I’m genuinely a completely different person. I wouldn’t be in this position without you.

I was walking down the street the other day and was thinking I can’t remember the last time I had a panic attack.

The health anxiety I used to suffer was unbearable. I honesty don’t know how I got through that. I was genuinely convinced all the time I was going to die. 

I had a cancer scare a few months ago. Previously, I would have completely freaked out. But I had ZERO anxiety. 

I had no anxiety whatsoever while I was waiting 6 weeks for the hospital appointment. The old me would have gone into a blind panic. I was happy to just let it pass. This is the first time I’ve been back to a hospital since a previous trauma. There was no fear of being there whatsoever, I wasn’t scared in the slightest.

For someone who has suffered with health anxiety for so long, it’s completely gone. 

I have since started on a whole new journey. This would not have happened if I had not worked with you. I’m so chilled about everything and so many people notice it. 

You healed my anxiety but it’s been a huge domino effect for everything else in my life. This has given me a new life. I feel like a completely different person. 

My physique is so different since we worked together. Holding on to anxiety leaves you lacking in energy and poor sleep.

When I was in that place I felt anxiety all the time and felt so body unconfident. 

For first time in my life I was able to strut round on holiday feeling completely confident. I know this is all connected to the work we did. It allowed me to get rid of so much shit that was weighing me down for so many years. 

Health anxiety was so debilitating it as affecting every part of my life.

I was convinced I was going to be like this forever.

The work we did was a miracle.

Nothing gives me anxiety any more.

I remember thinking at the start of our work together, no way is she going to be able to do anything about this. I thought I was going to be this way forever.

I can’t imagine me ever being like that again”


For the majority of my work with Emily, we used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) otherwise known as tapping. Find out more here:
Tapping works to completely clear anxiety, by sending a calming signal to the brain. It allows us to get right to the root of the core issue that is holding the person back. It works with the powerhouse of the subconscious mind, removing limiting beliefs, reprogram the brain, and let these go, for good. 
These are often simply old patterns and behaviours we don’t need any more. This is done in a very relaxed and informal way. What I also love about tapping is that it is an amazing self help tool that I teach clients to use themselves. In the case of a panic attack, tapping can be used to stave this off. I have had success with hundreds of clients in 10 years of practice.
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