Remove Your Fears and Phobias Programme

Fear is an emotion linked to a perceived threat.

The brain reacts to stimulus, chemicals are released and there is also a physiological reaction in the body.

Fear can cause apprehension, worry or anxiety.

A degree of fear is however normal and can keep us safe from harm.

A phobia is an irrational fear and can often be completely debilitating whereby the person will go to great lengths to avoid the situation in which they might be confronted.

Phobias are learnt behaviours, usually passed down from our parents or other caregivers. This is at a subconscious level, so this cannot be managed by our conscious awareness.

The good news is, because phobias are learned, they can be un-learned! Janine will be able to help you rapidly resolve the unwanted phobia by using hypnotherapy, EFT, or the NLP ‘Fast phobia cure’.

Would you like Janine to help you?

Remove Fears and Phobias Programme

Sessions start at £100 or we offer a full 3 month package which includes –

– Sessions in person and online

– Recordings to listen to in between sessions

– Practical tools to be used out of sessions.

What others have said

“After almost 30 years of allowing fear to prevent me from visiting the dentist I could no longer take the pain. A friend suggested I visit Janine for some hypnotherapy. It was truly one of the best decisions of my life. After several sessions I began to understand myself and how the mind works. Janine supplied me with the tools I need to prevent fear from overcoming so many things in my life and I will always be truly thankful (and so are my family). I am most proud to say that just last week I sat calmly in a wonderful dentist’s chair and allowed her to put a needle into my gums. Never would I thought that to be possible. I am stronger and more unpowered through the amazing work of Janine and would recommend her to anybody who needs help”.

Gail, Manchester

“I had hypnotherapy with Janine for my phobia of spiders. I wasn’t sure anything would work to clear my fear! Janine talked me through everything to make me understand how it worked and made me feel really comfortable. After completing my sessions with Janine I am so much more calm now. To see a spider and not freak out is such an improvement for me! The mind really is a powerful thing. Thank you Janine”

Leonie, Manchester

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