anxiety programme

3 Month Eliminate Anxiety and Make You Calm Programme

How would it feel to lead a life completely free of any stressful thoughts, or feelings of anxiety or lack of self worth?

What would it be like to remove those feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward?
Would you like to feel completely in control and make decisions with ease, with no fear or worry getting in your way?

Stress is physical reaction to a danger or demand, whereby chemical changes occur in the body. This is an evolutionary reaction, dating back to cave man years. Our body will go into overdrive to deal with a threat or dangerous situation.

Stress is a fact of life, some stress can be good for you, in order to help you achieve that desired goal or challenge. However, too much stress can harm your physical and emotional well-being.

The good news is there is something that can be done! You can be in control rather than letting stress control you.

Anxiety is the worry of something that may happen where there is a perceived threat or stress. So this may be the worry of public speaking, taking an exam or performing to others. In extreme cases, panic attacks can manifest which is the fight or flight autonomic system response being triggered.

Effective techniques can remove all of the feelings associated with anxiety, so any situations can be faced with ease, and a calm relaxed and focussed approach. Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP will help overcome negative feelings and thoughts, to enable old thinking patterns to be replace with more useful ones.

Janine will help you to understand the impact of your past, to focus on the present in order to work towards the future you desire. Would you like Janine to help you? Then contact us anytime, for a no obligation chat.

Eliminate Anxiety and Make Me Calm Programme

This will be a complete three month support plan


– An intensive session package in person and online

– Direct access to Janine in between sessions

– Recordings to listen to in between sessions

– Practical tools to be used out of sessions.


Sessions can be booked individually starting at £100. Payment plans for three month programmes are also available.

What others have said

“Janine helped me at a time when my confidence was at its lowest and my anxiety was getting in the way of exam success. I was retaking an exam for the third time and dealing with resentment, anxiety, anger and OCD symptoms. I was desperate for help and so I contacted Change for Success. I honestly felt like I would have imploded without her help.  Janine helped me to open up about my feelings. If you feel for one second that you might need some help yourself, I would highly recommend Janine at Change for Success – it changed my life for the better.”

Lucy, Manchester

“I have experienced both EFT and hypnotherapy with Janine Mitchell. I was suffering from trauma and I felt sick almost continually and wasn’t able to function socially as I was always close to tears. Since working with Janine, the sick feeling has totally disappeared and I found I was able to socialise with ease. I cannot recommend Janine highly enough; the therapy she has provided has changed my life. She works intuitively and with empathy, is understanding and very professional”

Anon, Manchester