Susan contacted me as she has been recommended EFT Tapping by her GP. She had been suffering with severe anxiety for many years and had been diagnosed with PTSD. This anxiety was so debilitating, she struggled to go to places without anxiety flaring up. She said she felt physically anxious most of the time and suffered with health anxiety, whereby she was regular concerned she had severe health issues. This was very seriously negatively impacting so many areas of her life and she had also tried several other therapies, but to no avail, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


She said she felt ‘desperate’ and was in such need of making changes. She saw this as a final attempt and was concerned that this wouldn’t work, like other therapies in the past.


After completing an initial assessment, a formulation concurred with Susans presenting symptoms, that she suffered with anxiety, health anxiety and PTSD. We discussed her goal and treatment plan moving forward. The work to be completed was to eradicate anxiety and symptoms and for her to lead a life free from this to a place of calm and happiness whereby she was able to lead a regular life without anxiety interrupting day to day fulfilment.


I introduced Susan to tapping whereby we initially worked on the presenting anxiety, allowing her to get to a more calm space. Even though she felt in a space of desperation and there was also some skepticism, she went with it. Within the first few sessions, she started to notice a difference, and a very positive decline in the anxiety.


I also taught Susan how to use tapping for herself so she was able to use this tool as a self help technique whenever there were any signs of anxiety. For her, first thing in the morning when she woke up, she was often suffer with familiar feelings of anxiety, so I advised her to use tapping then, to lower this. It would do so, helping reduce the anxiety and then this would make a big difference to how the rest of her day panned out. Tapping works directly with part of the brain that controls the stress response and fight or fight reactions and sends a calming signal. So it works extremely well with anxiety to lower it, both during the sessions and also in the moment with the client. It can help eradicate anxiety in the moment and also at times at the start of a panic attack to reduce all symptoms and to stop this.


As we worked together in sessions, we completed work with tapping, working  through the deeper issues connected to root causes connected to old subconscious beliefs, pattens and blocks. As a result, years of debilitating anxiety dropped off in a matter of months. Even tasks Susan could not do before like travel into busy places by public transport, which previously would have been very difficult and extremely anxiety provoking, making her avoid such scenarios, became very easy and even enjoyable!


Susan’s sleep also improved dramatically as a result of the work we did together. This was because anxiety had reduced and also worries and anxieties that were keeping her awake at night. All health anxiety diminished. There were no more incidents of going into regular panic and worries about serious health problems and illness.


PTSD symptoms dramatically reduced that was connected to the related health anxiety. Susan felt in a completely different space as a result.


When we reviewed the work at the end of sessions I asked Susan to rate her anxiety at the start of sessions on as a percentage. She said this was at 97%…anxiety was completely overtaking her life. She said at the end of sessions this had reduced right down to 3%… a whopping 3%, how amazing was this! Years of anxiety and all the negative behaviours related to that completely eradicated.


The work we did with Susan demonstrates you can live a life completely free on anxiety, imagine how that now looks and feels to Susan compared to previously, her life has completely changed.


Here’s what Susan had to say:


“When I first saw Janine I was desperate, my GP had diagnosed me with PSTD and anxiety, and had recommended EFT.  I started sessions with Janine. The hardest thing I had to do was pick up the phone to call her in the first place! Since that moment my life has changed enormously, and I am so grateful to Janine for her beliefs and insights. Sometimes I still can’t quite believe it when I look at the person I was and the person I am now!”


Janine is the founder of Change for Success


She specialises in transforming mental health and mindset. Janine helps people create calm, clarity and focus, banishing stress, anxiety, worry and negative thinking.


She also works with companies and organisations by helping them improve their performance and productivity by reducing stress in the workplace.


She has a Masters’ degrees in Psychology, is a hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner. She is a published researcher, her expertise in this area is tapping, where she has helped hundreds transform their lives with this revolutionary technique.