Danielle, Yorkshire

I can hand on heart say this has changed my life (Anxiety)

I was recommended Janine, I was told  "she’s really amazing”. I always knew that my issues (anxiety) would never be cured by just talking therapies or counselling. Anxiety blocks you, from being successful, from being happy, you literally sabotage your own life and sadly YOURSELF on a daily, hourly, minutely basis. Janine gave me intense hypnotherapy, subconscious reframes, and then the final and most valuable tool... tapping aka EFT (emotional freedom technique) After eradicating my anxiety and negative ways, being trained in this was such a joy! I can literally feel the stress leaving my body when I use it, the science says it all! I cannot recommend this lady enough, after trying various different things it was such a relief to finally work with someone and something that worked. I can hand on heart say that, it’s changed my life. Thank you Janine for being the best mentor and support in the most professional way.

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Insightful session!

Tracy Harper | Business Manager, Broadbent and Co Ltd. (StressManagement)

“Janine delivered a workshop over two days to our staff. I can honestly say that I have not heard anything negative from the staff about the workshop. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and I am hearing lots of discussion about ‘tapping’. Thank you for delivering an insightful session that meant everyone who attended took something away with them. I’m positive we will all feel the benefit of practising your techniques”.

You've completely changed my life!

Tom, Manchester (Anxiety)

I can honestly say without a word of exaggeration that by using and following what you’ve taught me using EFT and breathing exercises that you’ve completely changed my life! When I came to you my goal was to overcome my crippling anxiety and fear of being isolated if I was out on my own following years of panic attacks and as a result stops me doing many of the things I love. Thankfully this is all behind me because of what I’ve learned from you, my anxiety has all but disappeared now. I’d say I’m around 90% better than I was. The odd time I do become anxious when I’m out and about I just sit myself down for 5 mins and do some controlled breathing and ‘Tapping’ which relaxes me letting me get on with my day. I really cannot say enough nice words about how I have such a better quality of day-to-day life and I know that if ever I feel like I’m having any difficulties at all then you’ll be the first person I come to. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart

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My life has changed enormously

Susan, Manchester (Anxiety)

When I first saw Janine I was desperate, my GP had diagnosed me with PSTD and anxiety, and had recommended EFT.  I started sessions with Janine. The hardest thing I had to do was pick up the phone to call her in the first place! Since that moment my life has changed enormously, and I am so grateful to Janine for her beliefs and insights. Sometimes I still can’t quite believe it when I look at the person I was and the person I am now! read more

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I have felt so much calmer since

Gill, Manchester (Stress)

I was very sceptical before I started working with Janine. However, after only a few sessions I realised how much better I was feeling! The more time I spent with Janine using EFT (tapping) I got right to the crux of what was wrong. I have felt so much better and calmer since. I would recommend tapping to anyone who particularly felt like me that there was nothing wrong with them. It really has been transformational, family and friends have noticed big changes. You brought it all out and made me aware of how much I was ignoring my mind. Thank you Janine.  

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Janine changed my life

Keith, Liverpool (Depression)

When I started seeing Janine I had recently returned to work after being signed off ill with work related stress and depression, my first time ever. I was in a bad place. I was on anti-depressants and suffering from low confidence and poor self-esteem. I had tried an online CBT course but it hadn’t really worked for me.

Janine changed my life. Her techniques are well described on her website. I benefited the most from hypnotherapy and to a degree, EFT. It was empowering to have somebody so non-judgmental to talk with.

For the first time in nine months I am off anti-depressant medication. Janine taught me the skills and gave me the motivation to take back control of my life.

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I was struggling with panic and anxiety for 10 years

Jenny, Manchester (Anxiety)

I first visited Janine in March 2019 due to my anxiety and panic getting out of control and effecting my day-to-day life.  I hadn’t realised that over a 10 year period my anxiety was getting worse year on year. This was to the point where I stopped doing things. I avoided certain situations and created a ‘safe’ little bubble for my self.  Janine was lovely and re-assuring from my first visit.  Over a 10 week period helped me confront my issues, gave me life-long coping techniques and has made me an all-round happier, calmer person.

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I cannot thank Janine enough, she has made a positive difference to my life

Sue, Warrington (Confidence)

I was terrified at the thought of public speaking. Now I can’t wait for my next speaking gig” I’d agreed to speak at a local conference, then doubt crept in. What if nerves overcame me? What if I forgot what I was going to say? What if my words didn’t come out as I intended? I really wanted to give a good presentation, But I faced the prospect with dread. Janine expertly took me through the EFT tapping process during our course of sessions. I felt completely at ease throughout. Listening to a recording Janine had done for me was the last thing I did on the night before the conference. When I woke up I was rested and confident. Today was going to be good. When I stood up to start the presentation, I felt physically lighter. It’s a perpetual process. My mind continued to clear other limiting beliefs as the weeks passed. I cannot thank Janine enough: “I could not have achieved this without your expertise and caring nature. Janine has made a positive difference to my life. To anyone considering how to free their minds of whatever is limiting their progress I would say: “Call Janine. Book a session with her today.”

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Free from past trauma

Lorna, Manchester (EFT)

Experiencing EFT with Janine has given me the opportunity to face many of the fears that I have held onto for the past 10 years following a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Although I thought I had dealt with the experience, it became apparent during my sessions that I had not.  With Janine’s expert guidance, she allowed me to revisit the past and change my view of some of those gruelling moments which had affected my self-confidence and many of my personal experiences and relationships in the last decade.  She showed me compassion and was sensitive to my needs and taught me that I did not need to hold onto the negative belief system I had developed.  She has taught me the power of EFT and how freeing yourself from past traumas can create a happier and more satisfying life.  Thank you Janine – I know I can contact you if I need further support.