eft manchester 18 May 2017

What can I say about Janine and EFT. Where do I start? I am a 29 year old with bipolar disorder and compulsive thinking. I seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over, especially with men. Not that I wanted to admit it, but I clearly had underlined issues and the same thing kept happening to me. It got to the point when I was completely consumed by an ex, that I started to see this pattern. I went through a roller coaster through my therapy with Janine. She was with me every step of the way. She brought up my underlying issue that I don’t like rejection and that I didn’t go for men who wanted me because I wanted to go for men like my dad. She taught me to accept the past and work through what came up.

People close to me pretty much straight away said you seem different since you have had EFT and sessions with Janine. It wasn’t a easy journey because it brought a lot into my present I had to face and clear. One day you just wake up different, well I did. Everything has changed and I am more me than I ever have been. I have always let things slide for the wrong men. For the first time since being 19 I know what I want and deserve and I won’t settle for now. As soon as I accepted this and let my ex go and the issues, I started putting my energy into my passions and my son. As I write this I am the happiest I have been. Janine’s become not just an angel to me, but a close friend. She accepted me for me and she’s helped me change years of the same BS into positives. 

I have tried all therapy. EFT and hypnosis with Janine is by far the best. It wasn’t over night but then one day all of a sudden I felt different and I’m not looking back any more. She’s a star what she gives to people and I shout about her to anyone who will listen 💜💜💜💜

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