Three Simple Steps to Manage Stress


Stress has a big impact not only on us psychologically, but physically as well.

It’s a silent killer. If you don’t get a handle on it, it can have detrimental effects.

So the more we can do to manage it, the better.

I want to teach you how you can better manage stress.

Your present you and you and your future you will thank you for it.

This technique is both simple AND effective. If you use it regularly, you will notice such a difference. Whether it’s if you incorporate it into your daily practice or use it to work on something specific.

Super powerful stuff to retrain the brain.

I want to share with you THREE SIMPLE STEPS that will get you totally on track for helping you to get on a handle on managing stressors, which will lead to improved wellbeing. This will in turn increase happiness levels!


Know you are worthy of optimal wellbeing, health and happiness. You cannot outperform your level of self esteem, you cannot draw to yourself more than you think you’re worth.


Make a plan. Create small habit changes that will impact your life for the better. Take your health and wellbeing into your own hands.


Commit to maintaining the discipline to execute your plan.

The short term discomfort will be worth the long term benefit, I totally promise!

Once you start making this a practice, you raise your awareness. You become more aware of your actions, choices and behaviours.
I’m going to be talking a lot more about conscious behaviour and practice in future articles. Its SUPER important and will help you make huge change.

I’d love to hear how you get on.


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Janine is the founder of Change for Success.

She is a published researcher and is a renowned leading authority in this field of EFT/ Tapping therapy.

She specialises in transforming mental health and mindset working with individuals and companies and organisations by helping them improve their performance and productivity by reducing stress in the workplace.

She has a Masters’ degrees in Clinical Psychology, is an advanced hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner.