An insight into stress and how you can manage it

What causes stress and what can we do differently about it?

I want to provide you with an insight into the underlying factors that can cause stress and the implications it can have.

‘Stress’ is our bodies fight or flight response.

So it’s an internal response to an external situation.

Some stress is good for you. So, if you are taking part in a job interview for example, that short boost of adrenalin is helpful and most definitely required!

However, if stress (or stressors) build over time, it can lead to a wealth of issues and complexities including burn-out and ill health.

70%+ of GP visits in the UK alone are for stress related illnesses.

What modern neuroscience tells us, that even though we are not generally in survival or danger mode like our caveman ancestors were, we are chemically addicted to the hormones of stress.

Think a build up of stressful factors or events.

This is why stress continues to affect so many of us, it can be cumulative over time. Even though we have many mechanisms in the modern day to help us navigate life (technology etc) our primal system, from an evolutionary perspective remains the same.

Recent times and current circumstances certainly aren’t helping.

The impacts of stress including the following:

  • Physiological
  • Behavioural
  • Psychological
  • Physical

What can you do differently TODAY to manage stress? How can you be more aware of stress building up and be more empowered to manage it?

I want you to be aware of your stressors.

Once you are, I want you to be more proactive, than reactive


  1. Practice self care

  2. Take time out

  3. Ensure you have regular breaks

  4. Read your favourite book

  5. Have a bath

  6. Ensure your sleep hygiene is on point

  7. Eat the right, healthy foods – balanced body, balanced mind

  8. Get regular exercise and your daily dose of vitamin D

Do let me know how you get on!

Let go of stress, to ‘change for success’!



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